pussy hat
Local investigation gives Texas judge the all-clear after wearing a pink ‘p—y’ hat during court proceedings

“How could you expect to have a fair trial, especially as a man?”

‘Rank hypocrisy!’ Scarborough goes off on Obama for ‘acting shocked’ over ban on countries HE selected

“These weren’t selected by Stephen Miller.”

Chicago public defender claims 4 thugs who tortured teen unfairly treated by ‘sensationalized media’

Talk about being in the right line of work. Wow.

When 11,000 air traffic controllers called his bluff, President Reagan fired all of them–it’s called leadership

You can be assured there were protests over Reagan’s actions against the strikers.

Plaintiff in CAIR lawsuit against Trump has advocated for Sharia law in America . . . just for starters

Even more alarming, members of Sarsour’s family have reportedly been linked to the terrorist . . .

‘Let him roll up his sleeves…’ What? Schumer might regret the response he gives Trump over ‘fake tears’

Are you sure you want to go there Schumer?

Another promise kept: Trump takes a buzzsaw to regulations and he’s very specific

The American Dream is back. “I’ve dealt with the small businesses and the big businesses, and I love you all the same.”

Chris Kyle’s Iraqi interpreter defends Trump on travel ban, has blunt advice for critics

“When my kids are going to go to school in the morning . . . “

White House issues ultimatum to State Dept. dissenters over Trump’s immigration policy: Get out!

” . . . they should seek employment elsewhere.”

Melania Trump makes her first White House hire, senior adviser to the first lady

First Lady Melania Trump has made her first White House hire.

Congresswoman slapped with her own voting history after calling Trump’s travel ban ‘horrifying’

“You’re a liar.”

Blowback is fierce after Trump cuts insubordinate employees, but support for POTUS is fiercer

President Trump’s move to drain the swamp is receiving high marks from his supporters.