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Local investigation gives Texas judge the all-clear after wearing a pink ‘p—y’ hat during court proceedings

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A Texas judge intent on proving that political activism has long since evaded the bench, replacing the blind eye of justice, opted to wear what is being called a “p***y hat.”

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt donned the pink “vagina hat” made popular by the January 21 anti-Trump feminist march in Washington while in commissioner’s court, KVUE-TV reported.

“Get my cat ears going here,” the judge said as she made a show of putting it on.

Screenshot. KVUE ABC TV.

According to a Reddit post, Eckhardt was wearing the hat “in honor of our Abortion is Healthcare Resolution.”

If it makes any difference, the ABC affiliate explained how Eckhardt’s role differs from a typical judge and is in the clear of any wrongdoing:

In Travis County, the “County Judge” position is an elected role. The winner of the election oversees the commissioners court and is in many ways a commissioner themselves.

Similar to a City Council and mayor relationship, the County Judge acts as the head of the Commissioners and county government.

KVUE’s Jason Puckett reached out to multiple county departments to verify that this behavior was acceptable and found that almost every source he spoke with agreed – Eckhardt is in the clear.


Regardless, one social media user was quick to note, “[C]ould you expect to have a fair trial especially as a man if you saw this?”


Here are more reactions to the judge’s choice of attire from Twitter:

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