Libs are wrong about Hillary Clinton’s popular vote; you can shut down debate with this under-reported fact

Whenever it comes up, here’s what you know . . .

Mattis asks for Iraqis who helped US military to be exempt from Trump’s travel ban

The clarification would be handled by the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration.

It only took 10 days for Obama to start criticizing President Trump, but the twist here is just bizarre

In response, Obama’s statement reads:

Barack Obama signing order
Obama, not Trump, created the policy to ban certain Muslims from US

That’s not the way an untruthful media, and its thousands of reporters, reported it.

FIRED! Trump dismisses acting AG who refused to enforce refugee order

She ordered government lawyers not to defend his executive order on refugees.

Duke University vows to hide international students from Trump

Duke University faculty and leadership vowed to help protect international students . . .

Lawmakers launch cheap ‘below the belt’ attack on first lady Melania to get revenge on Trump for travel ban

“I don’t think that the president’s policy positions make his wife fair game for anything,” he added.

Rubio picks newest fight against Trump


Tom Brady pressured by media to renounce his friendship with Donald Trump or be punished

“He can be friends with whoever!”

Riot police swarm Portland airport protesters after they sucker punch a counter-protester unconscious

“You’re boy got knocked out!” someone is heard saying. “That’s right. You got knocked out!”

Small business owners get in line to thank President Trump for giving them a seat at the table

Praises were heaped on POTUS for how he has handled small business needs.

Comedian Fred Rubino, old school Italians give their blunt take on Trump and it’s hilarious

‘He’s busier than Bill Clinton at a Hooters’