Riot police swarm Portland airport protesters after they sucker punch a counter-protester unconscious

The “tolerant” left turned out in force at airports across America to protest efforts by President Donald Trump to keep Americans safe, with the media quick to provide a platform for them to push a narrative of compassion.

But much of the media turned a blind eye to the lack of compassion on display when radical elements knocked a counter protester out cold in Portland, Oregon.

Protesters, including “several prominent state and local politicians,” had gathered at Portland International Airport on Sunday in response to Trump’s executive order on immigration, KGW-TV reported.

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“The rally was peaceful until about 5 p.m. when a counter-protester was assaulted,” the NBC affiliate reported. “Police officers moved in and surrounded the counter-protester and then moved him out of the protest area to receive medical attention.”

The official Portland International Airport Twitter page acknowledged that a man was assaulted in explaining why there was police activity in the crowd:

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merckly, D-Ore., posted an ill-timed tweet from the airport calling on his followers to join him “in the fight” before the man was sucker punched.

Thankfully, Merckly is a Democrat, or this could have proven to be awkward.

A YouTube video appears to capture not only the moment when the man was knocked out, but also showed perpetrators laughing and taunting the unconscious man.

“You’re boy got knocked out!” someone is heard saying. “That’s right. You got knocked out!”

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The man is identified as a “Trump supporter” in the video, although it’s not clear why he was counter protesting.

Tom Tillison


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