Small business owners get in line to thank President Trump for giving them a seat at the table

Small business owners met with President on Monday where he signed an executive order cutting regulations affecting their businesses and they heaped praise on him for it.

The order was aimed at “cutting regulations massively for small business,” and the president called it the “biggest such act that our country has ever seen.”

“The president has been our president for the past week and starting on his second week. And what he’s doing is a terrific job in trying to listen to all walks of life. Listening, not just to large businesses but small business like us,” one business owner said. “And that gives me a lot of hope.”

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“It was a very good meeting and the order he signed I think will really jump-start small business,” business owner Dennis Bradford added. “We’re very happy to have Donald Trump as the president.”

Larry McKenney of Capitol Radiology in Maryland called President Trump “someone that really cares about the problems that we’re having with the regulations with Obamacare,” which he said were crushing.

“Donald Trump is the first person (that) put his money where his mouth is (and) stepped up and is doing something incredible for small business,” he said.

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