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Comedian Fred Rubino, old school Italians give their blunt take on Trump and it’s hilarious

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Comedian Fred Rubino is back at it with his support for President Donald Trump.

During the campaign Rubino made a hilarious video pleading for people to vote for Trump, if only to see more of Melania. But now the comedian is happy with the results he has been seeing from the man himself.

“This guy is the hardest working guy I’ve ever seen,” Rubino said. “This guy is busier than (President) Bill Clinton at a Hooters.”

“We’re back. We’re strong again,” he continued. “The other guy (President) Obama’s playing golf, taking 25 vacations, telling cops not to arrest people. This guy (Trump) is a juggernaut. This is what we needed. He’s like an old Italian guy. Never stops working.”

“Everybody get behind this guy because he is busy and he’s doing a great job,” Rubino said.

The video has been watched by more than 1 million people and came the same week a group of men from Astoria, Queens made a video of their own that went viral bashing Trump haters like Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler.

Watch both videos below.

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