Quebec mosque shooting suspect identified

Why are suspect names not released immediately, but an “Islamophobia” narrative is?

Starbucks CEO says he will hire 10,000 refugees; you know what that means . . .

Don’t you wonder what his shareholders think of stupid moves like that?

New poll shows how many Americans back Trump on refugee ban – don’t believe the hype!

You won’t find this on MSM.

Iraq just imposed ‘reciprocity measure’ on American travelers in retaliation to Trump ban, see reaction

“Boy, that really messes up my vacation plans – NOT”

Spicer was just forced to deny POTUS watched ‘Finding Dory’ on Sunday afternoon! Really?

Because it’s Trump. This is what the libs care about?

Libs who want to move to Canada are blocked by its strict immigration policies

Liberals seeking to move to Canada because they are unhappy with the election results are finding that Canada won’t take them . . .

Perhaps he needs acting lessons? Donald Trump not impressed with Chuck Schumer’s tears

Perhaps Schumer should take a look at it. He should also take some acting lessons.

Trump’s statement on extreme vetting order . . . for those who need help with reading and comprehension

Media has willfully stoked tensions and used rhetoric to scare people.

Terror hits Canada! Note to media: the mosque shooter reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ not ‘Go Trump’

Many circulated the fake news rumor that the shooters had yelled “make America great again” during the rampage.

‘Stone cold crazy’: Former Obama officials are losing it over Trump’s visa ban

Katie Frates, DCNF Obama administration officials are going off on Twitter about President Donald Trump’s executive order freezing immigration from some Middle Eastern countries. Immigration is barred […]

Skipped the shrill meltdowns at the SAG awards? We don’t blame you, but one celeb’s faces summed it all up

And while I’m not sure what she’s drinking, I’ll have two!

Trump uncuffs the cops, revives program allowing law enforcement to actually enforce immigration laws

Reviving this program will also accentuate the split between local agencies taking part in the program and those from sanctuary cities.