Kellyanne unapologetically takes on Chris Wallace over the hype of Trump’s immigration order

She doesn’t miss a beat! “I was stopped many times after 9/11, weren’t you?”

Chris Wallace pushed Kellyanne on question if Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and he got his answer

He didn’t let up.

Herman Cain sums up Trump’s first week in one word, puts Seinfeld ‘scandal’ into perspective

Big boy pants for everyone!

‘No way in hell’ Mattis approves of travel ban, cries Dem lawmaker; who wants to break the truth to him?

This was a big FAIL, buddy. Look before you leap!

Trump didn’t flicker the White House lights when Fox & Friends asked him to, but . . .

And he knows exactly why they did it.

Zero lessons learned! ABC reporter tries to brew another scandal over what he didn’t see in the Oval

“The stupid is getting deep!”

Giuliani calls for ‘detention centers’ for illegal immigrants who commit crimes

What do you think of the idea?

The left turns gorgeous Ivanka photo into a ‘let them eat cake’ hit job, we caught something more cheeky

Go Jared!

Hope for America! Trump’s youngest fan kills it in Watters’ World, displays astonishing grasp of issues

Do you think he deserves a visit to the White House?

Most of the Muslim countries restricted by Trump have discriminatory visa policies

The order aims to eliminate threats to the American populace.

Cocky ACLU leader gloats over brief ‘victory’: ‘I hope Trump enjoys losing’

Not so fast, guys!

Iran threatens to retaliate against Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim ban’

Iran does not permit holders of foreign passports or travel documents that indicate that the person has been to Israel or is affiliated with Israel to enter the country.

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