Perhaps he needs acting lessons? Donald Trump not impressed with Chuck Schumer’s tears

President Donald Trump took to social media to respond to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s crocodile tears he shed during a speech he’d made at Manhattan’s Battery Park Sunday denouncing Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“This executive order was mean-spirited and un-American,” the New York Democrat said. “It was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country, and it will only serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm.”

The president’s response was that Schumer was missing the big picture — the protection of American citizens. The Senate minority leader was also ignorant of the reason some immigrants were detained at the airport.

The extreme vetting of some immigrants has turned into an extreme partisan issue — suggesting that it isn’t the president’s policy that’s being criticized so much as it is the president himself.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was all in favor of enhanced vetting during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, but added that it could be taken to extremes.

“I think it’s a good idea to tighten the vetting process,” the Kentucky Republican said. “But I also think it’s important to remember that some of our best sources in the war against radical Islamic terrorism are Muslims, both in this country and overseas.

For those having trouble comprehending what Trump’s executive order is all about, the president issued a statement on his Facebook page.

Perhaps Schumer should take a look at it. He should also take some acting lessons.

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