This popular immigration video will forever change the way you view the issue

The Left can’t seem to fill our country with Third World immigrants fast enough. Judging by all the howling, hysterics, and hyperactivity, one would think Donald Trump was busily rounding up Muslims on the streets and air-dropping them over Afghanistan sans-parachute, but we all know that’s not what’s going on, nor anything remotely like it.

In truth, any resistance to mass-immigration is seen as racist nativism by liberals, but what is their motivation? Is it to truly help these people, or is it merely to gain political advantage? This classic video by NumbersUSA founder Roy Beck utterly annihilates the case for mass immigration to the United States as a way to actually make a dent in world suffering. Should we destroy our social fabric, our infrastructure, our economy, and our way of life in a fruitless effort to solve the problem, or should we find ways to help people where they are?

It only took 10 days for Obama to start criticizing President Trump, bu250t the twist here is just bizarre

And even more pertinent, how are the poverty-stricken people left behind helped when the most capable among them leave for greener pastures?

Watch this video, and share it with your friends. It’s by far the most effective lesson on immigration you’ll ever learn, and it will forever change the way you view the issue.

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Scott Morefield


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