Newt Gingrich turns on Trump: ‘There’s no excuse, ever . . . ‘

Do you think Gingrich is right or is he being too hard on the candidate?

Machado responds to Trump’s sex tape tweet with provocative pose defiling the American flag

Machado was so outraged that Trump accused her of having a sex tape that she appears to have whipped her shirt off to complain about it on Instagram.

Megyn Kelly confronts Hillary: Stop just ‘using my name to hit Donald Trump’

Right after she’s done pandering for the black vote.

‘Horsehocky!’ Anderson Cooper wonders if Trump is tapping ‘porn electorate,’ guest says Melania should smother him with a pillow

Either way, the candidate himself got the last word in…

Megyn Kelly doubles down: Why can’t Trump fans ‘shut up’ about ‘how big women are supposed to be’?

“They’re all very beautiful and none of them are overweight!”

Conservative actor blows up Hillary’s wild rant against Trump with one brutally honest tweet

Hillary Clinton received return fire on Twitter after she launched a revenge attack on Donald Trump, who earlier on Friday used the social media platform to attack  former […]

Ted Cruz puts Obama’s internet give-a-away into startling perspective with one question

“I think you know the answer to that question.”

Former Miss Wisconsin reveals message Donald Trump sent her while she was on the verge of dying

“I opened it …”

Remember Jeb? He just responded to reports that his dad’s gonna vote for Hillary. He’s not happy…

It’s not his dad he’s unhappy with…

Jokester has fun mocking Pakistani phone scammer until call takes a dark turn evoking 9/11

“Even your Barack Obama will not be able to catch me sir.”

Conservative Arizona newspaper endorses Hillary. Now it’s facing death threats…

“We got a lot of angry callers…”

U.S. women’s chess champion refuses to wear hijab at world event in Iran; threatens boycott

Calling all so-called feminists!

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