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Former Miss Wisconsin reveals message Donald Trump sent her while she was on the verge of dying

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While Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff are furiously making Donald Trump out to be a club-toting, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal misogynist, little-by-little the truth is emerging.

The truth’s latest chapter was released Friday on CNN, when former Miss Wisconsin told a heart-warming tale of the Republican presidential nominee that occurred long before he thought of running for president.

Clip via CNN Newsroom

Referring to Trump as “a wonderful support system for me and my son,” Melissa Young described to CNN’s Carol Costello a time when she lay on her deathbed from a physician’s negligence.

“That day I was actually given my last rites,” she said, when a deliveryman entered the room with a message from Trump.

“I opened it, and there was a message from him saying, ‘to the bravest woman I know,'” she recalled.

Young said that the message was just what she needed to lift her spirits and such push through it.

“God was not done with me yet,” she realized. “There’s more for me to do.”

Young told Costello that Trump continued to check up on her and her son — a Mexican American — until she was back on her feet.

Young repaid Trump’s kindness with an emotion-filled campaign appearance where she tearfully told him, “You saved me.”

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