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Newt Gingrich turns on Trump: ‘There’s no excuse, ever . . . ‘

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Newt Gingrich didn’t hold back on criticizing Donald Trump for his latest early morning tweet.

Trump got some immediate backlash following a tweet after 3 a.m. in which he questioned if “crooked Hillary” helped former Miss Universe Alicia Machado become a U.S. citizen.

Trump was also widely criticized for a tweet attacking anonymous quotes in news reports that were allegedly from his campaign staff.

But he fought back against all the criticism later that day, in classic Trump style.

Gingrich unloaded on Trump, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity, “You can’t tweet at 3 o’clock in the morning. Period. There’s no excuse, ever, not if you’re going to be President of the United States.

Gingrich warned that Trump would lose the election if he’s “gotta be himself.”

He questioned if Trump was willing to “subordinate” himself in order to become president.

Gingrich concluded that Trump needs to show a lot more discipline if he wants the victory in November.

Do you think Gingrich is right or is he being too hard on the candidate?

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