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Jokester has fun mocking Pakistani phone scammer until call takes a dark turn evoking 9/11

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A Pakistani scam artist tried to convince an American to pay $3,445 in unpaid taxes but the joke was on him.

The unnamed man messed with the man telling him he thought he was calling about a ride on lawn mower and wanted to know when he his lawn mower would get to him.

“Your police officer will be at your place with the court summons, court subpoenas and the arrest warrant,” the frustrated scammer said in the video that was posted Tuesday by Storyful and watched more than 8 million times by Friday. “They will be handcuff you. They will be put you behind the bar for the next six months. Your property, your house, all your bank accounts will be frozen from you,”

But the man kept going with his charade until the scammer told him to go to Target and purchase Target gift cards to pay his back taxes. That’s when things got more intense.

The man told the scammer that he purchased more than 2,000 Target gift bags instead and continued to frustrate the attempted thief.

Then the American laced into the Middle Eastern scam artist.

“I can hang up this call because you are an inbred, m****rf***ing” piece of s**t. Stop f***ing scamming people!” the man shouted. “I’m glad I wasted 34 minutes of your time so you can’t scam other people your horrible m****rf**ker. How dare you? You should be f***ing ashamed.”

But the Middle Easterner, who we are often told are a peaceful people with only a small percentage of America haters, went into a tirade of his own.

“Remember we banged your, we banged your tower? We banged your buildings. Remember that? We crashed a plane into your building.” the scammer said. “I think my father used to be Osama Bin Laden.”

The thief insisted that what he was doing was “not wrong” and the he needed “only 10 minutes to scam anybody” before he threatened the man.

“I’m coming to California,” he said. “Even your Barack Obama will not be able to catch me sir.”

No argument on that.

Carmine Sabia


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