New report: Clintons used YOUR money to fund Hillary’s private email server, but that’s not all

Just when you thought they couldn’t go lower.

Just when government idol worship couldn’t get more sickening, Dem rep crowd surfs ‘late night’ audience

Liberals really do love their celebrities, ahem, representatives don’t they?

Coulter pinpoints crucial part of Trump’s immigration speech: No other candidate would have the guts!

And on that note…

Islamic terrorist coddler Hillary Clinton blasts Trump as unfit to be Commander-in-Chief

The Benghazi bungler gave her reasons why Donald Trump can’t be trusted as a military leader.

Minutes after Trump’s speech Hillary blasts dire warning: ‘He could actually be our next president!’

Hit the panic button.

Critics eat crow when Mexican spox admits Trump’s ‘not lying’ about ‘great border wall’

“We recognize and respect the right of either country…”

Hillary Clinton is a ‘historic’ failure at making women like her–and a new poll proves it

Hillary’s approval among women has imploded in last month.

Trump makes crystal clear in historic immigration speech: Well-being of Americans must come first

“There is only one core issue in the immigration debate.”

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