New report: Clintons used YOUR money to fund Hillary’s private email server, but that’s not all

If this isn’t adding insult to criminality, news is now breaking that Bill Clinton used $13 million of our tax dollars to fund Hillary’s illegal email server, to pay for salaries of Clinton Foundation staffers, and other Foundation business.

Washington-based newspaper The Hill revealed this galling information in a new report.

According to the report at Politico, the tax dollars went to pay for the paychecks and benefits of Clinton Foundation aides and also paid for the Foundation’s computer and IT equipment which included Hillary’s now infamous email server.

The news site said it discovered the expenditures among records from the General Services Administration (GSA) via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

It appears that the tax dollars came from money supplied to him in compliance with the Former President’s Act, a law which provides funding from the GSA to former presidents to be used for pensions, correspondence, support staff and travel.

Instead of spending the GSA funds on its legitimate purposes, though, Clinton directed the money be used for Foundation business, the report found.

The tax dollars apparently paid for the salaries of at least 22 Clinton Foundation staffers.

Even worse, it also appears that Bill Clinton soaked the taxpayers for more than any other living ex-president having taken $16 million from the GSA fund.

Clinton, of course, claims its all perfectly legitimate.

“There is no legal prohibition that would preclude the former president’s staff from receiving compensation from other sources or doing personal work for the former president,” a foundation spokesperson said. “We are unaware of any legal prohibition that would preclude these activities.”

Reaction to the galling misuse of our tax dollars was swift.

And one Twitter user had a very good pint about Hillary’s email server if it was paid for with tax money…


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