Islamic terrorist coddler Hillary Clinton blasts Trump as unfit to be Commander-in-Chief

Hillary Clinton told a group of military veterans that Donald Trump was not qualified to be commander-in-chief.

The Democratic presidential nominee called Trump a “loose cannon,” dangerous and a threat to U.S. security while speaking Wednesday at the American Legion’s national convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Hill reported.

Clinton warned the veterans that Trump would bring “name-calling and temper tantrums to Washington,” though she never referred to the GOP nominee by name in her 40 minute speech.

Despite Clinton’s past record as secretary of state, amid email security scandals and controversy over her handling of the 2012 Libyan terror attack in Benghazi, she pointed to Trump as the candidate who was not to be trusted. She promised to never “disrespect” Gold Star families or former prisoners of war as she took aim at some of Trump’s past controversial comments.

“I believe we do have better days ahead, but things could also get worse,” Clinton said. “If more countries get nuclear weapons, if we abandon our allies, if our commander-in-chief orders our military to break the laws and commit torture or murder terrorist family members. That’s why it is so critical we get this right.”

Clinton’s speech in Ohio coincided with Trump’s trip to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. Clinton criticized the trip as nothing more than a “photo-op” by Trump who was attempting to fix the damage his hard-line immigration stance has allegedly created.

“You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon,” Clinton said. “You do it by doing the slow, hard work of building relationships. That was my job every day as your secretary of State. It’s more than a photo-op … and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. That’s not how it works.”

She continued her attempt to draw a contrast in leadership with Trump, pointing to the coalition of support she has from Republicans as well as Democrats who back her claim to be a more experienced leader, the Hill reported.

“I hope you will join the growing number of Democrats, Republicans and independents who are supporting our vision for the kind of future that we want for our country,” Clinton said. “This election shouldn’t be about ideology. It’s not just about differences over policy; it truly is about who has the experience and temperament to serve as commander-in-chief.”

Ohio veterans and Trump supporters saw Clinton as the one who was unfit to be president, accusing her of gross negligence as secretary of state.

“Hillary Clinton has shown behavior unworthy to serve as Commander-in-Chief by exposing our nation’s secrets to our enemies as Secretary of State,” Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a Ohio Republican and an Army Reserve officer, said in a statement. “She represents a continuation of failed and dangerous foreign policy and failure to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs here at home.”

Trump will be addressing the same American Legion convention on Thursday.

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