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Minutes after Trump’s speech Hillary blasts dire warning: ‘He could actually be our next president!’

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Hillary Clinton is beginning to panic.

Shortly after Donald Trump’s meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto — leader to leader — Clinton admitted that the Republican presidential nominee could actually win the White House on November 8.

Then she made a plea for donations to make sure that never happens. She tweeted:

Incidentally, did you happen to catch that little dig Clinton couldn’t help adding? She referred to Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee. That I suppose, is called denial.

Clinton’s message didn’t quite have the effect she was hoping for. Here are a few examples:
There’s nothing presumptive about his nomination, sister.

One person noted what a Clinton presidency would really look like — more of what we’ve seen for nearly the last eight years:

Finally, another advised Clinton to do something she has a real problem with: Facing reality.

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