CNN pours on bad reporting by saying Secret Service met with Trump after 2A remark

“What we’re talking about is political power, there’s tremendous”…

Is Hillary copying LBJ’s 1964 landslide playbook?

“Unfit” practically mirrors “Daisy” minus the nuclear explosion . . .”

Media’s hysterical over Trump’s ‘violent’ comments; here are the top 5 most violent Obama quotes ever

Check out the most violent remarks by Obama that have gone ignored by the media:

That promise by Obama to ship all the terrorists out of Gitmo? He’s breaking his neck to get ‘er done

This is far from a mere political kerfuffle.

Former spy chief’s take on Trump’s Second Amendment remark makes you wonder about our CIA!

“You’re not just responsible for what you say. You are responsible for what people hear,” he added.

Malia Obama was caught smoking something at Lollapalooza, and yes, there’s video

Malia Obama is once again making headlines . . .

hillary 2008
Remember when Hillary was accused of bringing up ‘assassination’ in her race against Obama? We do . . .

Remember when the media wasn’t gushing all over Hillary Clinton because they had a sexier candidate to fawn all over?

Texas AG warns professors they will be disciplined if they try to ban guns from classrooms

“As a result, any individual professor who attempts to establish such prohibition is subject to discipline.”

Salon just got its panties in a wad over TV coverage of female Olympic athletes

Something about “focus on wives and moms…”

Oh No! Global warming threatens to kill Olympic athletes. According to Newsweek, anyway

Barack Obama seen furiously nodding in agreement

Trump shows his appreciation to Dan Bongino for his total smackdown of ‘dumb as a rock’ Don Lemon

Donald Trump has some choice words for Lemon after he tried to rip him to shreds.

punta gorda2
Police accidentally kill librarian who volunteered for ‘shoot/don’t shoot’ role-play exercise

” . . . it’s unclear why the officer’s weapon contained live rounds.”