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That promise by Obama to ship all the terrorists out of Gitmo? He’s breaking his neck to get ‘er done

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With 34 more terrorist out the door and counting, President Barack Obama is racing against time before his term ends to fulfill his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention camp.

One of the first things Obama did when he entered the White House was to sign an executive order to close the terrorist detention center. But finding too many obstacles in his way to close it outright, Obama failed to fulfill that promise. So the president changed tactics.

Over the past few years Obama has been emptying Gitmo of prisoners by transferring them to any nation that will take them. This week, Fox News reported that nearly half the remaining prisoners are now slated for transfers.

But as Fox notes, Obama’s back-door shut down of the detention camp is controversial and will only “continue to fuel concerns among critics that some of these detainees could return to terror.”

Indeed, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is saying just that:

This is far from a mere political kerfuffle. It has already been proven that dozens of the detainees Obama released have gone right back to being terrorists.

Earlier this year a report by the Associated Press found that not only have some of Obama’s released detainees gone back to terror, they are killing Americans and our allies.

Worse, some have been quite brazen in their proclamations. One released terrorist warned ahead of time that if Obama released him he’d go right back to killing Americans. Naturally, Obama released him anyway.


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