Almost 10 Dead: AOC confronted after critical statement about January 6

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might wish there was an edit button on Twitter, as she was mocked hilariously after she posted a single message on the Rolling […]

Twitter blue check floats Trump supporter set-up Baldwin with loaded gun for revenge

The Internet never lets you down. It only took one tweet by a ‘blue check’ to turn a tragic incident into a drama-filled Twitter thread filled with […]

‘Embarrassing’ Biden backlash floods internet with eyebrow raising clips

President Joe Biden became a laughing stock as multiple videos emerged that show him standing like an unplugged robot on stage at the CNN Town Hall and […]

Armed thugs pick the WRONG store when Marine veteran leaps into action

A criminal-minded easy payday turned into a complete disaster when an armed suspect walked into a gas station convenience store and got completely jacked up by a […]

‘Lady Trump’ announces run for governor, turns heads with eye-popping campaign video

Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore has announced her run for governor of Nevada and released an eye-popping, head-turning campaign video that set the comment section on fire […]

WaPo points out lack of diversity among zookeepers

The Washington Post, a company with 66.5% of people in leadership roles being white folks, has now used an entire article to offer perspective on the lack […]

Just asking for taxpayers: MTG asks if Pelosi removed $200 million Presidio Park money from budget

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene sparked a flurry of comments after asking Twitter followers a single question involving Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Greene said in her claim […]

VA ‘Vote Blue’ TikTok video is so bad, it might turn the whole state Red

The infamous Libs of Tik Tok has done it again. They’ve scoured the video-based social media platform for the worst of the worst and delivered the ultimate […]

Remember MLK? Military cadence video sparks concerns, mockery

A video posted on social media sparked a plethora of mockery and concerns for the state of the United States military. In what appears to be a […]

‘Keep tweeting through it buddy’: WH roundly mocked for some serious jobs report spin

White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, was roundly mocked for attempting to spin a depressing jobs report into a success story. Klain tweeted to a fiercely […]

Report finds huge misuse of de Blasio campaign funds, and active effort to thwart investigation

The New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) has exposed Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio for allegedly misusing his security detail, often referred to as the executive […]

Violent parking lot brawl involving several WNBA players captured on camera: report

Several players of a WNBA team have found a unique way to get more people to pay attention to them, but it’s not the kind of views […]

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