GOP warns climate ‘youth patrols’ buried in Biden agenda, shows what that might look like

The Oversight Committee Republicans signaled a warning about President Joe Biden’s agenda and posted an embarrassing video in hopes of crushing leftist hearts and painting Democrats in […]

WATCH: Democrat Terry McAuliffe dances like the blow-up man at a used car lot

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and several associates were dance-stomping for his Virginia gubernatorial run when they started gyrating awkwardly to cringe music. McAuliffe might have made a case […]

WATCH: Lori Lightfoot allegedly booed at fundraiser for union that previously donated big bucks

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot was allegedly booed at a fundraiser for the Plumbers Union Local 130, who once donated $58,700 to her 2019 runoff election campaign. […]

Almost 10 Dead: AOC confronted after critical statement about January 6

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might wish there was an edit button on , as she was mocked hilariously after she posted a single message on the Rolling […]

Twitter blue check floats Trump supporter set-up Baldwin with loaded gun for revenge

The Internet never lets you down. It only to one tweet by a ‘blue check’ to turn a tragic incident into a drama-filled thread filled with […]

‘Embarrassing’ Biden backlash floods internet with eyebrow raising clips

President Joe Biden became a laughing stock as multiple videos emerged that show him standing like an unplugged robot on stage at the CNN Town Hall and […]

Armed thugs pick the WRONG store when Marine veteran leaps into action

A criminal-minded easy payday turned into a complete disaster when an armed suspect walked into a gas station convenience store and got completely jacked up by a […]

‘Lady Trump’ announces run for governor, turns heads with eye-popping campaign video

Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore has announced her run for governor of Nevada and released an eye-popping, head-turning campaign video that set the comment section on fire […]

WaPo points out lack of diversity among zookeepers

The Washington Post, a company with 66.5% of people in leadership roles being white folks, has now used an entire article to offer perspective on the lack […]

Just asking for taxpayers: MTG asks if Pelosi removed $200 million Presidio Park money from budget

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene sparked a flurry of after asking followers a single question involving Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Greene said in her claim […]

VA ‘Vote Blue’ TikTok video is so bad, it might turn the whole state Red

The infamous Libs of Tik T has done it again. They’ve scoured the video-based social media platform for the worst of the worst and ivered the ultimate […]

Remember MLK? Military cadence video sparks concerns, mockery

A video posted on social media sparked a plethora of mockery and concerns for the state of the United States military. In what appears to be a […]

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