Gold Star father outraged over proposed migrant payout: ‘Another insult against military families… completely disrespectful’

A Gold Star father is expressing outrage that the open-borders Biden administration is purportedly planning to hand out $450,000 per person in what amounts to reparations to […]

Unvaxxed Calif. nurse records herself being escorted out of hospital: ‘I want all of you to count the cost’

During the height of the COVD-19 pandemic, nurses (or others in the healthcare or first-responder sectors) were celebrated as heroes. Now, some caregivers being fired or suspended […]

Amazon driver gets scare of a lifetime from rigged Halloween decoration

Halloween prop “jump-scares” have been used successfully on children for decades, but as a viral video has shown sometimes it also works on adults in broad daylight, […]

Arrested TikTok star provokes high speed chase for fun, tells cops he is young, rich, and can do what he wants; report

A social media “star” was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) on Friday after running a red light and leading the officers on a high-speed chance […]

Abedin first-ever TV interview: Anger over Weiner ‘almost killed me,’ will take subsequent Hillary loss ‘to my grave’

Former long-serving top aide to Hillary Clinton notes in a newly broadcast CBS interview that her tumultuous relationship with disgraced ex-husband and former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner […]

Thousands of unaccompanied minors brings border crisis home to public school system: ‘We’re at maxed capacity’

President Joe Biden’s failure to secure the southern border is creating another crisis in the public school system as unaccompanied minors are being shipped to counties across […]

NewsNation host Dan Abrams rails at people who ask if he’s ‘nervous’ son dressing up as cop for Halloween

Dan Abrams, founder of Mediaite and host of the recently debuted NewsNation program “Dan Abrams Live,” vented on Saturday about people who have asked him if he’s […]

With one photo, Adam Housley highlights ‘modern day train robbery’ in lawless Dem-run Los Angeles

Add train thefts to the long list of serious problems in crime-ridden, Democrat-controlled Los Angeles. Journalist Adam Housley, who previously worked for Fox News, alerted America to […]

Mich. school board did not encounter ‘mini-January 6 insurrection’ with parents rushing stage, a member insists

A Michigan school board president who detailed what she called a “mini-January 6 insurrection” in the controversial letter sent by the National School Board Association to the […]

Iowa’s GOP governor signs bill allowing those fired for refusing Covid-19 vaccine to get unemployment benefits

Iowa’s Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, signed legislation on Friday that allows her residents to receive unemployment benefits if they are dismissed from their jobs for refusing to […]

Disastrous new poll showing Biden approval ratings in freefall spooks Dems on Halloween

To say that the honeymoon is over for Joe Biden would be a huge understatement as the nation’s 46th president’s approval ratings are in a death spiral […]

Cuccinelli reacts to migrant caravan rejecting visa offers from Mexico, says Biden ‘ripped out’ Trump safeguards

Thousands of migrants continue to make their way through Mexico to the United States southern border after turning their noses up at an offer for humanitarian visas […]

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