Bari Weiss lowers the boom on gaslighting Stelter, cites CNN as complicit in today’s ‘world gone mad’

The blatant liberal bias on display nightly on CNN is only rivaled by the dishonesty seen from the network’s talking heads. People like Brian Stelter, the so-called […]

University of Michigan paid Ibram X Kendi $20k to lecture on ‘racist’ America in one-hour virtual event

Mckenna Dallmeyer and Adam Sabes, Campus Reform The University of Michigan paid Ibram X. Kendi $20,000 to speak at a one-hour virtual event in November 2020. Campus Reform obtained the […]

BPR’s top political cartoons today: Sniff or jab?

Cartoons of the day:  In case you missed this:

Jamie Lee Curtis says new Halloween movie foretelling of Jan. 6 rioters ‘coming to kill people’

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in the original “Halloween” released in 1978, is claiming the latest iteration in the iconic 12-movie slasher franchise, “Halloween Kills,” was […]

Ana Navarro couldn’t wait for body to be cold before using Colin Powell’s death to hit Trump, MAGA, GOP

Ana Navarro is ghoulishly politicizing the death of Gen. Colin Powell, the ex-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later U.S. Secretary of State in the […]

Trump to give deposition testimony in court case brought by protesters

Former President Donald Trump will give videotaped testimony in a legal case brought against him by protesters involving an effort by his security team to crack down […]

Biden’s policies have led to the Biden economy YUCK!

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. It is hard to imagine that economic conditions can worsen at a faster rate than they […]

SCOTUS rules in favor of cops in two qualified immunity cases

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday, with no dissenting opinions from justices, that police officers in two qualified immunity cases should be shielded from lawsuits claiming they […]

Remember MLK? Military cadence video sparks concerns, mockery

A video posted on social media sparked a plethora of mockery and concerns for the state of the United States military. In what appears to be a […]

Jon Stewart explains why media is making ‘a mistake’ casting Trump as ‘incredible supervillain’

Jon Stewart seems to be admonishing the conflict-focused corporate media over its inability to recuperate from Trump derangement syndrome. The media is making a mistake by treating […]

Donny Deutsch in a Trump-induced frenzy over potential MAGA presidency coming back

Amidst discontent with President Joe Biden, some are positing the possible return of former president Donald Trump to politics in 2024. However, it’s not just the usual […]

Can we get a fact check? White House STILL pushing big fat ‘Build Back Better’ lie

Given its current track record on honesty, which begins with President Joe Biden vowing to stay in Afghanistan as long as it takes to get all Americans […]

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