Walt Disney World asks guest to change shirt or leave. Boy did she milk it.

Walt Disney World apparently turned a woman away earlier this month for being out of compliance with the park’s dress code policy. In a viral video uploaded […]

Biden whispers to Naval Academy grads: ‘I am your commander-in-chief so don’t ask me too tough a question’

Although White House politics have been grim since the loss of mean tweets and cheap gas, President Joe Biden has at least offered the American people something […]

Lib journo ridiculed for claiming record turnout in Ga ‘doesn’t mean it’s not harder’ to vote

The liberal media has long had a record of disregarding facts, creating and clinging to a narrative that suits them. So-called journalist Aaron Rupar is no exception. […]

Defendant guilty in baby formula fraud scheme faults trucker ‘morons’ that elected Trump for his demise

Baby formula turned into big bucks for three Florida residents who concocted a fraudulent $100 million scheme to “cheat U.S. manufacturers of infant formula, eye-care products, and […]

Mike Tyson breaks silence about JetBlue fight with overly excited fan, shares wife’s take

Boxing legend Mike Tyson happily shared his thoughts about a recent viral video that showed him pummeling a fellow passenger on a JetBlue flight that was awaiting […]

Former employee Carl Cameron doubles down on Fox News being de-platformed after Buffalo shooting

(Video Credit: CNN) Like any good liberal always in need of a scapegoat, leftist and former Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron doubled down yesterday on […]

MSNBC’s Kirschner rants about criminal charges for Justice Alito over draft opinion on Roe

(Video Credit: The Dean Obeidallah Show) MSNBC’s legal analyst Glenn Kirschner went nuclear in response to the leaked Roe v. Wade opinion that would push jurisdiction over […]

Mother whose teen son relies on formula rips politicians: ‘Is anybody in Congress not eating for 90 days?’

(Video Credit: CNN) In President Joe Biden’s America, the baby formula shortage continues to plague grocery store shelves across the country, alarming parents who rely on baby […]

‘How dare you!’: Pirro reads BLM the riot act over misspent donations

(Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro lambasted Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders for creating racially charged division and criminally extorting money out of people in […]

Eight arrested in Oklahoma in connection with Texas teen allegedly trafficked from basketball game

Oklahoma City police have arrested eight people in connection with an alleged teen trafficking case of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared from a Dallas Mavericks game in […]

‘Craven appeasement’: NYT editorial sparks debate by suggesting Ukraine cede territory to end war

The New York Times took heat from all sides after dropping an opinion piece on Thursday that advocated for Ukraine to hand over its sovereignty on a […]

GOP ‘Women’s Bill of Rights’ resolution defines ‘woman’ on basis of biological sex

Congressional Republicans are attempting to make biology factual again by introducing a resolution in both chambers on Thursday that uses biological sex to define terms like “man”, […]

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