Atlanta cops retiring over ‘poor’ leadership in department, ‘NO backing from command’

One of the consequences of alienating police officers through the “Defund the Police” movement is manifesting itself in resignations and retirements due to the disrespect for officers […]

Fauci says smallpox would still be around with today’s false info coming from ‘certain media’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is certain smallpox and polio would still be prevalent today if they had the same “false information” then that he sees today. “If you […]

Macron’s ‘big stick’: Facing 6 mos jail for entering café w/o Covid passport, French set jab record

France is making a disturbing authoritarian-style push to “encourage” its citizens to get vaccinated by announcing that a health pass would be required to participate in many […]

Florida condo collapse victims targeted by identity thieves, devastating grief-stricken families

Some of the residents that died in the South Florida condominium collapse have become the targets of crime as their loved ones seek closure. Scammers have used […]

Dem TX rep who fled state trolls Republican colleague with Autism about his appearance

After purportedly fleeing Texas in defense of “voting rights,” State Representative Gene Wu is spending his time tweeting about his breakfast and trolling his Republican colleague. On […]

CNN president Jeff Zucker can’t relive past ‘Today’ success as ‘New Day’ ratings on life support

CNN President Jeff Zucker once captivated morning viewers when he oversaw NBC’s “Today” in the era of Matt Lauer, but his new breakfast show, “New Day,” is […]

Judge Jeanine says crime surge top health issue in US, pinpoints only solution

Judge Jeanine Pirro highlighted the solution to what she warned was the number one health issue facing the United States today, which the Fox News host said […]

AOC, Hillary spar in Ohio special election, with Dem Party future potentially at stake

The radical left and old school liberals are set to duke it out for a congressional seat in Ohio. In the left corner are Hillary Clinton and […]

MSNBC airs 100+ Avenatti interviews, gives creepy porn lawyer’s prison sentence under 2 minutes

From the looks of it, MSNBC broke up with Michael Avenatti and probably won’t be calling him again anytime soon. The steamy love affair appeared to end […]

Conservative, traditional men more attractive to liberal women than progressive partners?

Even progressives are put off by their own kind… at least when it comes to dating. In an op-ed piece published by the New York Post, the […]

‘Pa-tree-archy’: TikTok video claims ‘botanical sexism’ is to blame for worsening allergies

In a viral TikTok video, a woman claims “botanical sexism” is to blame for worsening allergies. Ellie Botoman, a 24-year-old from New York, posted a clip that […]

‘Clearly a joke’: Ricky Gervais explains what he meant when he said ‘let them cancel’ ‘The Office’

Ricky Gervais clarified his recent misunderstood comments about cancel culture and how it might have affected his hit show, “The Office.” “I mean now it would be […]

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