Brady reveals he contracted COVID-19 after SB boat parade, say virus will be ‘more of a factor this year’

Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now all been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, star quarterback Tom Brady believes the virus will play more of a factor this […]

Fittingly, liberals see Satanic Temple as ‘last, best hope to save abortion rights in Texas’

Texas’ recent bill banning most abortions after six weeks may be upended by perhaps the most unexpected group of all, religious zealots who embrace the name Satan. […]

Father shows up with zip tie-wielding posse to confront principal after his child is told to quarantine

Apparently fed up with the ongoing assault on kids’ education due to COVID-19 restrictions, three men from Tuscon, Arizona took matters into their own hands and arrived […]

TikTok trend helps you discover if you actually like men, or are a victim of ‘compulsory heterosexuality’

A swath of ridiculous TikTok videos is throwing out the laws of nature in an attempt to condition mostly young viewers into believing that they only think […]

Patriotic Marine mom earns adoring Twitter fans with ‘I don’t kneel’ sign in ESPN clip

One proud mama bear held up a sign in support of her military son in a Clemson-Georgia football pregame clip from ESPN on Saturday night in Charlotte. […]

‘They don’t want you to shake the tree’: David Spade reveals wokeness won’t let him be funny anymore

Actor and comedian David Spade admitted this week that cancel culture forces him to rein his jokes in. The Saturday Night Live alum, (from the 1990s when […]

Rep. who traveled to Middle East accuses Biden of lying about Afghanistan, says he has ‘recordings’

A member of the House Intelligence Committee took a trip to the Afghanistan region and asserts that President Biden has “blood” on his hands and has lied […]

Despite WH ‘cover up,’ Biden’s dog, Major, bit Secret Service agents 8 days in row

Emails released under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request this week show that one member of the first family is a “major” pain for Secret Service […]

Eric Clapton takes on COVID-19 overreach in new protest song: ‘This Has Gotta Stop’

Iconic recording artist Eric Clapton doubled down on his anti-COVID-19 policies this week when he released a new politically-charged single, “This Has Gotta Stop.” The bluesy song […]

Leo Terrell responds to raw emotion over 13 ‘brave’ Americans killed: ‘I broke down’

Leo Terrell revealed a very human side of himself on Saturday that speaks greatly to his compassion and understanding as a person amidst the tragic loss of […]

State Dept. puts number of Americans still trying to leave Afghanistan at 350, give or take

The situation in Afghanistan remains perilous for hundreds of American citizens still vying to leave the country after suicide bombers have further complicated the botched evacuation in […]

‘Flood of emotions’: 14yo. boy pays tribute to the 13 fallen Marines with tear-jerking rendition of Taps

A young man in Carson City, Nevada paid a reverent and heartfelt tribute to the 13 U.S. service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan last week. […]