TX rapper made song about robbing ATMs. Can you guess why he was arrested?

A Texas rapper posted a music video on YouTube where he rhymed about robbing ATMs, having loads of cash in the car, and just “praying that [they] […]

Starbucks cites safety concerns as reason to reconsider ‘open bathroom’ policy

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is reevaluating the coffee giant’s liberal “open bathroom” policy due to heightened concerns for customer safety in their coffee shops. “There is an […]

Christian school teacher busted for allegedly sexting student, inviting him to her house

A Christian school teacher in Florida was arrested last week for enjoying some “extracurricular” activities with one of her students earlier this year. Julie Hoover, Point of […]

Uvalde school police chief says he didn’t know he was in charge at shooting, gave no orders

Deeply criticized for having spent over an hour in the hallway and unable to break through a steel jammed door to reach the gunman at Robb Elementary […]

Vet who faked suicide after impregnating 14-yr-old stepdaughter, sentenced on child rape charges

One 14-year-old girl’s sick nightmare finally found some closure after her stepfather was sentenced to the equivalent of life in prison after raping her over thirty times […]

DeSantis tops Trump in yet another 2024 straw poll, taking high marks at Colo. conservative summit

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won a 2024 presidential candidate straw poll over former President Donald Trump at a conservative conference held in Colorado on Saturday. DeSantis took […]

AOC goes native, speaks of her ‘indigenous heritage’ after previously claiming Jewish ancestry

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was so moved while at a protest against the Dakota Access pipeline that she discovered a newfound connection with her “indigenous heritage.” […]

Politico warns ‘a lot of white folks from the suburbs’ becoming poll workers… to ensure election integrity

(Video Credit: MSNBC) A Politico reporter is ringing the alarm bell over what she believes could be a huge scandal brewin’ in the ‘burbs over election integrity […]

D.C. crisis pregnancy center targeted by vandals, ‘Jane Says Revenge’ graffiti among damage

A Washington, D.C. crisis pregnancy center was defaced by vandals on Friday while the pro-life center’s cameras were down. Red paint was reportedly splattered on the front […]

Maher admits he’s worried ‘Republicans are going to steal the issue’ of pot legalization from Dems

Comedian and political talk show host Bill Maher got “real” with former Attorney General Eric Holder over the legalization of pot. HBO “Real Time” host and outspoken […]

Starbucks accused of ‘retaliating’ against union officials with NY store closure

Union officials have accused Starbucks of retaliation after the coffee giant permanently closed a store location in New York. On Friday, a formal complaint was filed with […]

No excuse: Uvalde commander had no radio, but other first responders could hear the 911 calls

(Video Credit: CNN) Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez unleashed a jaw-dropping admission about the lack of communications at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas where the community […]