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Gold Star father outraged over proposed migrant payout: ‘Another insult against military families… completely disrespectful’

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A Gold Star father is expressing outrage that the open-borders Biden administration is purportedly planning to hand out $450,000 per person in what amounts to reparations to illegal aliens affected by the ex-President Donald Trump’s enforcement policies.

“It’s yet another insult… against our military families; it’s another slap in the face, it’s completely disrespectful,” David Horton told Fox News in reacting to the report.

The Biden team is reportedly considering this open-checkbook approach as a way to settle lawsuits from migrant families who were separated when they were detained by the U.S. Border Patrol.

The massive stipend is more than what the federal government often gives to the loved ones of U.S. soldiers killed in action, i.e., Gold Star families.

Moreover, some of the minors were separated at border facilities for their own protection while authorities tried to determine if they were being trafficked by non-parents.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday morning, Horton, who lost his son Christopher during fighting in Afghanistan, described the Biden plan, in something of an understatement, as “problematic on several areas.”

“To compare an illegal person who has broken our country’s border laws to come in and whatever they’ve suffered from that — I’m not saying they haven’t suffered, but it’s of their own doing.

“They’ve broken the law, coming in on our border, and to compare that with a patriot like my son who gave his all on the battlefield of Afghanistan and to just say, ‘Oh well, the value is more for someone who has broken our laws, and as a result, there’s consequences. And now to say, oh okay, now we owe you money,’ and it’s more money than we would pay a patriot.”

“I am outraged….you just wonder where is the outcry against some of these policies that are unbelievable to me.  I can’t even believe we’re dealing with this….what value are they using to come up with these policies?,” Horton wondered.

“I think it’s another — yet another insult, adding insult to injury, or injury to insult… against our military families and Gold Star families and veterans families… It’s just another another slap in the face… It’s completely disrespectful,” he concluded.


(Video: Fox News)

During the discussion, Fox News co-host Pete Hegseth, while lamenting the misplaced priorities of the incumbent administration in their anti-Trump obsession, pointed out that Christopher Horton paid into a life insurance policy which was subsequently paid out.

“These illegals who broke the law as their first thing entering the country — they’re getting money from taxpaying citizens, so it’s even worse than a direct comparison,” he underscored.

“The families of those lost in the line of duty receive a one-time payment of $100,000. Service members do have the option of opting into a voluntary life insurance policy which maxes out at $400,000, but they do have to contribute to it,” Fox News explained.

The potential payment to illegal migrants, which was scoop by the Wall Street Journal, may be just a trial balloon that will wind up being deflated given the opposition.

On the other hand, given the radical direction of the Democrat Biden administration, anything is possible.

“The report has not yet been confirmed, but if true, the total cost of the expenditure could amount to around $1 billion,” Fox News added.

Hegseth began the discussion by emphasizing that the elder Horton was permanently separated from his hero son who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Army.

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