‘Keep tweeting through it buddy’: WH roundly mocked for some serious jobs report spin

White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, was roundly mocked for attempting to spin a depressing jobs report into a success story. Klain tweeted to a fiercely […]

Report finds huge misuse of de Blasio campaign funds, and active effort to thwart investigation

The New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) has exposed Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio for allegedly misusing his security detail, often referred to as the executive […]

Violent parking lot brawl involving several WNBA players captured on camera: report

Several players of a WNBA team have found a unique way to get people to pay attention to them, but it’s not the kind of views […]

biden sinema
It happens to everybody… it’s part of the process: Biden says of Sinema being harassed in bathroom

President Joe Biden dismissed the harassment of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) as “part of the process” of being in the public eye, though he called out the […]

Biden and key democrats slammed in Saturday Night Live’s cold open

President Joe Biden and some of the most notorious Democrats were slammed during a “Saturday Night Live” cold open that included a subtle shot at Fox News […]

ABC reporter doesn’t hold back on Biden’s failed leadership: ‘No papering over how big a blow this is’

ABC reporter Terry Morgan seemed not to be able to hold back his disappointment of President Joe Biden’s leadership after Democrats failed to pass the $1 trillion […]

Rapper Pitbull ignites crowd with message for those who don’t ‘f-ing appreciate’ the US to find the door

World-famous rapper Pitbull ivered a very profane message to anyone who hates America during a concert. The moment was captured on video and surfaced mostly on , […]

‘Watch ur mouth lady!’ Unapologetic singer Jason Aldean defends wife’s anti-Biden photos

Country star Jason Aldean stood up for his wife and bashed President Joe Biden after she faced a flurry of attacks over her controversial anti-Joe Biden Instagram […]

Panama exasperated with Biden, says warnings of Haitian surge went unheeded, thousands more on the way

Panama’s Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes is reportedly frustrated with the Biden administration’s unpreparedness over the Haitian border surge and is warning thousands are on their way. […]

Medal of Honor recipient ravages brass for jailing Marine: ‘they’re worried about what this guy’s going to say’

On Wednesday’s airing of ‘Fox & Friends’, Medal of Honor recipient named Dakota Meyer went full blast against the leadership of the United States military, accusing them […]

‘What are you talking about?’ Pelosi lashed at reporter over simple question

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded rattled when she was asked about her actions towards colleagues on the possibility of the debt ceiling being raised. The reporter […]

Two Pentagon officials defend Afghan withdrawal: One admits major missteps, another refuses to resign

Two top Pentagon officials have provided testimony defending Joe Biden’s chaos-filled withdrawal from Afghanistan, but at least one major player admitted to massive missteps that resulted in […]