‘He believes you are fools, rubes and worse’! Pompeo rips Biden over ‘zero price tag’ claim

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo ripped President Joe Biden and his statement suggesting the average person will face a ‘zero pricetag’ in connection to Biden’s original $5 […]

Dozens of state troopers to resign, instead of facing disciplinary actions over recent mandate

Dozens of state troopers have submitted resignation papers in unity against the Massachusetts COVID vaccine mandate, reports the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM) union. The Massachusetts […]

White House memo claims ‘overwhelming’ support for Biden agenda

A recent White House memo claims there is ‘overwhelming’ public support for Joe Biden’s presidential economic agenda for America. The memo, passed around by the White House, […]

Joy Behar says the ‘real victim’ of Bill Clinton scandal wasn’t Monica Lewinsky

Joy Behar turned heads when revealing who she believed was the ‘real victim’ of the Bill Clinton White House scandal involving then-intern Monica Lewinsky. Behar suggested it […]

Watch Dem rep blow out candles, celebrate maskless after demanding fines for the ‘selfish unmasked’

A Democrat representative who pushed for fines against unmasked lawmakers in the Capitol now faces criticism after video emerges of her partying maskless. It was progressive Congresswoman […]

GOP reps introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden

U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs (OH), along with three of his GOP colleagues, introduced three articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden this week. Gibbs, joined by Reps. […]

Alleged professor denies slinging slurs, spitting on black child in altercation outside Chicago-area grocer

A man identified as a National University of Health Sciences professor faces hate crime charges and aggravated assault after he was accused of slinging slurs and spitting […]

Former ICE chief accuses Biden admin of shipping migrants to US interior to make room for more

Former Buffalo ICE Field Office Director, Tom Feeley, implied that President Joe Biden’s ICE headquarters could be pressuring local field offices to ‘catch and release’ migrants deep […]