Mom-daughter duo face murder charges after illegal Brazilian ‘butt lift’ goes awry, police suspect more victims

What would you do for a nicer figure? For one aspiring social media star, that desire caused a tragedy. A mother-daughter duo in California is facing murder […]

Alleged professor denies slinging slurs, spitting on black child in altercation outside Chicago-area grocer

A man identified as a National University of Health Sciences professor faces hate crime charges and aggravated assault after he was accused of slinging slurs and spitting […]

Tragedy when two men die in NY after man jumps to his death, lands on another

A “distraught” 25-year-old man jumped twelve stories from an apartment building to his death in Yonkers, New York Monday night and tragically landed on an unsuspecting 61-year-old […]

Jason Miller: DeSantis press secretary’s Twitter suspension would not have happened on GETTR

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. If you don’t think that Big Tech and their media allies zero in on the conservatives […]

Dana Perino says Dem agenda ‘falling apart before our eyes’; lib media begins to turn on Biden

As the Biden presidency heads towards its ninth month, some commentators are noting that his agenda, and the Democrats’, might be in danger of being seriously derailed. […]

Don Lemon’s claim suspect Brian Laundrie’s silence is ‘privilege’ too much even for Cuomo

CNN’s Don Lemon continues to demonstrate, with supporting evidence nightly, that he is indeed the dumbest man on television. He’s also quite the racist. Lemon suggested on […]

Dem wants non-citizens to vote in NYC elections: ‘If people have a problem, they should move’

There can be no mistake that Democrats want to see as many illegal immigrants as humanely possible flow into the United States. Common sense and logic dictate […]

Greenwald blasts bad actors behind ‘pre-election censorship’ after Hunter Biden laptop confirmation

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald railed at big tech and Democrats in a lengthy Twitter thread on Tuesday following a Politico report verifying elements of bombshell revelations regarding […]

Biden to raise annual refugee ceiling as part of ‘national security objectives’ amid US border surge

President Joe Biden announced on Monday he plans to increase the number of refugees who can enter the country to 125,000 beginning on October 1, the start […]

Former ICE chief accuses Biden admin of shipping migrants to US interior to make room for more

Former Buffalo ICE Field Office Director, Tom Feeley, implied that President Joe Biden’s ICE headquarters could be pressuring local field offices to ‘catch and release’ migrants deep […]

Stephen Moore: Congress is back to serving pork

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Pork is being served in Washington again. Big juicy slices to the lobbyists with the deepest […]

‘No kidding?’ Politico casually confirms major parts of Hunter Biden bombshell had legs all along

A new book entitled “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power” by National Political Correspondent Ben Schreckinger at Politico is contending that two crucial […]

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