Dinner guests, staff at NYC restaurant surprised when Shaquille O’Neal slaps down big bucks to pay for the house!

NBA legend and TNT basketball analyst Shaquille O’Neal wowed employees and customers alike when he paid the tab for every diner at an upscale New York City […]

AMA calls abortion bans a ‘violation of human rights’, vows to ‘seek legal protections’ ahead of SCOTUS decision

In thinking it can supersede the Supreme Court and wrestle power away from states, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared in a press release Tuesday that abortion […]

So, how did Musk’s Q&A with Twitter-staff go? Here are the highlights

Elon Musk conducted his first meeting with Twitter employees even though the hype over his purchase for the social media leviathan has long since passed. Speaking through […]

Florida church goers thwart alleged kidnapping of two little girls when one mouths: ‘Help me’

Two Florida girls were rescued from a kidnapping in progress when alert churchgoers foiled the plot after one of the girls mouthed, “help me, this is not […]

Republican political contenders go off when Michigan AG touts a ‘drag queen for every classroom!’

Michigan’s first openly gay attorney general Dana Nessel believes there should be “a drag queen for every school.” During a civil rights summit where she spoke about […]

‘Riverdale’ actor says he murdered his mom to spare her from seeing him assassinate PM Justin Trudeau

Former “Riverdale” actor Ryan Grantham, 24, pleaded guilty in March to second-degree murder in the 2020 killing of his mother, evidently in the interest of sparing her […]

Kamala Harris says states will ‘subpoena a woman’s personal data’ in latest Roe v. Wade scaremongering

Vice President Kamala Harris said she believes that individual states will “subpoena a woman’s personal data” should Roe v. Wade be overturned as expected. Harris made a […]

Mass. gas station owner opts to stop selling fuel after nearly five decades for customers’ sake

(Video: Fox News) A Massachusetts gas station owner has opted to stop selling fuel citing the exorbitant prices he refuses to pass on to his customers. Reynold […]

Abbott’s handwritten notes support claim he was ‘misled’ about police response to Uvalde shooting

The handwritten notes of Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the immediate aftermath of the Uvalde school massacre in May indicate that he was indeed misled by police […]

Chelsea Manning slams ‘transphobic’ Elon Musk over meme, says US headed for ‘civil conflict’

Former Army intelligence analysist and notorious data leaker Chelsea Manning vented her frustrations to the Daily Beast in an interview Monday that touched on Glenn Greenwald, the […]

Kardashian hit with criticism, damage claims after wearing iconic Marilyn Monroe gown at Met Gala

Devoted fans of the late Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe have accused Kim Kardashian of damaging the beaded gown made famous by Monroe, who wore it as she […]

‘Pull your children out of school’: Mother reacts to pornographic imagery in OR school district books

The gender-mangled American Left simply refuses to cease its experimentation on student children. Not surprisingly, Oregon is one of the epicenters and Fox News Digital reports that […]

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