‘That sucks!’ Fans sounds off when Food Network parts ways with long-time chef Bobby Flay

Superstar chef Bobby Flay is saying goodbye to his home of 27 years at the Food Network. Flay and the network have been in contract negotiations for […]

LA sheriff announces he will not comply with vax mandate…and deputies can now don cowboy hats!

Los Angles Co. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Thursday he will not comply with nor enforce the vaccine mandate that was just passed by the city council. The […]

Whoopsie! ‘Shark Tank’ star sort of apologizes to Whoopi Goldberg for alleged body-shaming remark

Entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran of the reality show “Shark Tank” made a faux pas during her appearance on “The View” Thursday when she joked about the body size […]

Ingraham asks why Biden doesn’t put his money where his mouth is after Covid death toll for 2021

During all of 2020, and some of 2021, mainstream media rallied to place every single COVID death in the U.S. at the feet of President Donald Trump. […]

Andrew Yang touts new third political party, says rigid ‘factionalism’ of two-party system not working

Former presidential hopeful and entrepreneur Andrew Yang plans to start a new political party. Yang also ran unsuccessfully for mayor of New York City in a bid […]

Border Patrol discover horrific rap sheet of migrant after illegally crossing into US

U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Yuma, Arizona sector of the southern border say they have arrested an immigrant who entered the U.S. illegally on Monday. During […]

Bitter Psaki urges Republicans to ‘join us in being adults in the room’ on raising debt ceiling

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that Democrats are happy to be “the adults in the room,” if only the Republicans would join them […]

CIA cautions frontline operatives to be more vigilant, detailing dozens of informants killed or compromised

The Central Intelligence Agency has urged their front line operatives to be more vigilant in the wake of dozens of their informants being killed, arrested or compromised […]

Conflicted between science and inclusion, Wa-Po updates style guide to phase out the term ‘pregnant women’

At the Washington Post, words go to die in darkness. The so-called newspaper that is now just an assemblage of typists has updated its style guide in […]

Carlson expands on Dem’s ‘replacement theory,’ calls it ‘electorate packing’ with Jennifer Rubin providing receipts

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson offered up more evidence on Tuesday to support the argument that “Replacement Theory” is a real strategy of the Democratic party. On the […]

Biden faces hostile Michigan protesters: ‘Build Back Broke’

President Joe Biden left the confines of the D.C. swamp Tuesday, traveling to Michigan to peddle his “Build Back Better” agenda and finding less than a warm […]

NYC teachers sue over vaccine mandate as thousands reportedly take to the streets

Teachers are among the many public employees once deemed to be heroes for their work throughout the pandemic but are now considered anathema if they refuse the […]