‘Woke’ protester arrested after hurling eggs at King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

A protester allegedly tossed eggs at the United Kingdom’s King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, during a Wednesday meet-and greet known in the parlance as […]

NYT journo claims Trump ‘furious’ over Oz loss in PA, reportedly blames Melania for endorsement

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman is claiming that people close to former President Trump say that he is “furious” over the Senate loss in Pennsylvania and […]

‘Mama on a mission’: GOP’s newly elected Katie Britt becomes Ala’s first female elected senator

A self-proclaimed “mama on a mission” has made history in Alabama as the first woman, youngest Republican woman, and the first woman with school-age children to be […]

El Paso closes migrant facility, releases 600 illegal immigrants over $7M debt owed by Biden admin

The city of El Paso, Texas is closing its wallet, refusing to foot the bill for continued migrant mitigation measures while it awaits nearly $7 million from […]

PA voters reelect Dem state lawmaker who died in October after long battle with cancer

Pennsylvania voters had such a poor showing of candidates that a wide majority re-elected the longest-serving member of the state House, despite his death in October. Tony […]

John Kerry shakes hand, shares laugh with narco-terrorist Nicolas Maduro – despite $15M US bounty

Biden climate change envoy John Kerry d a laugh and a warm handshake with Venezuela’s accused narco-terrorist Nicolas Maduro at the COP27 UN climate meeting in Sharm […]

Ukraine lawmaker pleased with Dem performance, says early results from midterms ‘very good’ for us

The relatively strong showing Democrats made in the midterm elections is arguably bad news for America, but for Oleksiy Goncharenko, who is part of the European Solidarity […]

Steve Hilton says Dems will use midterm blue wall to ‘green light’ their radical agenda… and that’s ok

As their paltry majority in the House and deadlock in the Senate had been treated as a mandate by Democrats following the 2020 presidential election, so too […]

‘Wow, that’s kinda racist’: Jen Psaki offers curious take on why Florida Hispanics favored GOP

Democrat Jen Psaki might want to circle back and reconsider a tweet that reeked of paternalism and, according to some critics, bigotry. On Wednesday, the former Biden […]

Biden fears ‘brutal’ year ahead if GOP takes Congress, worries they will target his ‘family’: report

Those closest to President Biden have reportedly revealed that he’s very worried about the Republicans retaking the House and a “brutal” next year as the GOP potentially […]

Casey Anthony sits for first TV interview since being acquitted for murdering her 2-yr-old daughter

Casey Anthony, who was the suspect in a case that captivated an entire nation 11 years ago, is set to give her first televised interview since she […]

ABC points to Latinos being fooled by ‘disinformation’ to explain DeSantis, GOP success in South Florida

True blue corporate media leaned into their strengths during election night coverage and when it came to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ resounding triumph even in the Democratic stronghold […]

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