Post-apocalyptic 5-day ‘Wasteland Weekend’ costume party returns after Covid hiatus

After being cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19, Wasteland Weekend is back! Thousands of Mad Max fans traveled to Edwards, California, and then onward to the Mojave […]

Washington middle school bars ‘Thin Blue Line’ police flags as ‘political,’ but allows LGBT Pride, BLM flags

A high school in Washington state has barred the display of flags and banners supportive of police because they have been deemed to be “political” statements, but […]

L.A. residents forced to battle in court after Feds seize safe deposit boxes

Dozens of Los Angeles-area residents are being forced to go to court to prove that valuables they had stored in safety deposit boxes confiscated earlier this year […]

Peter Doocy pushes back when F&F co-host calls Psaki’s behavior ‘condescending and defensive’

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy demurred when “Fox & Friends” co-host Will Cain questioned him on White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s “condescending and defensive” answer over […]

Access to fossil fuels decides life and death in Sub-Saharan Africa

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Are you an Anti-Vaxxer or a Pro-Vaccine person? Well, it makes little difference in Africa where […]

China has a new legal weapon in mission to steal intellectual property

The cost of doing business in China has gotten still higher, as the communist state readies a new weapon in its conquest of trademarked assets. China has […]

Union urges NYC teachers to take photos to ‘document’ students violating COVID restrictions

The United Federation of Teachers, which represents most teachers in New York City’s public schools, is urging teachers to not only rat out quarantine rule violators — […]

New Yorker promotes climate change terrorist who calls for literal destruction, blowing up pipelines

The New Yorker hosted eco-terrorist, professor, and Swedish author Andreas Malm on their podcast to promote “intelligent sabotage” and property damage as a method of getting leaders […]

‘You’re saying Senator Booker can’t read?’ Tim Scott gets heat for failed police reform after Dems walk

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who has been leading the Republican effort on bipartisan police reform talks was grilled on Sunday over why a deal has not be […]

Dozens of state troopers to resign, instead of facing disciplinary actions over recent mandate

Dozens of state troopers have submitted resignation papers in unity against the Massachusetts COVID vaccine mandate, reports the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM) union. The Massachusetts […]

Greenwald pulls the five most-read stories on POLITICO right now, they all have common thread

A metaphorical Trump derangement syndrome relapse to some extent may have occurred at the Politico news site. Some on the left had accused the liberal-leaning political portal […]

Senator Bill Hagerty says Dems are ‘waging war’ against American capitalists, using tax as a weapon

Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) told Fox News host Steve Hilton that Democrats are “waging war on American capitalists” using the tax system as a weapon while discussing […]

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