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Senator Bill Hagerty says Dems are ‘waging war’ against American capitalists, using tax as a weapon

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Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) told Fox News host Steve Hilton that Democrats are “waging war on American capitalists” using the tax system as a weapon while discussing the massive $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Hagerty pointed out on “The Next Revolution” that President Joe Biden is in “lockstep” with the far-left wing of the Democratic Party with their pork-laden monstrous spending spree.

“It’s the biggest bait and switch I think that we’ve seen in American politics,” the senator remarked. “If you look at how Joe Biden campaigned in 2020 as a moderate, as a centrist versus what we are getting, Bernie Sanders is the author of this $3.5 trillion socialist debt bomb that they’re unleashing.”

“You see, the Democratic Party — they are completely moved by the far-left wing of their party, and Joe Biden is going right along lockstep with them,” he added.

“This movement — look at the $3.5 trillion, which is probably north of $5 trillion, Steve. If you look at what they are trying to accomplish here, it is cradle to grave government dependency, just as you said: European-style socialism. What they’re going to do is shove more American jobs overseas. They’re going to kill the fossil fuel industry here. And they’re going to do this by waging war on American capitalists, on American job creators, on American entrepreneurs through the tax system,” Hagerty declared.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Hilton addressed the two bills, noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is stalling for time to vote on the infrastructure bill because she probably does not have the votes for it. He asked Hagerty how likely it is that some Republicans who originally supported the bill will peel off and vote against it now.

“Well, I’ll go back to when I stopped the advancement of the ‘bipartisan infrastructure bill.’ I think many of my colleagues really do want to see hard infrastructure. I did too. I was skeptical. But when the bill came out, it was a 2,700-page bill, again, drafted by the Democrats. I think many of my colleagues were surprised to see what’s in it and by me basically stopping this… by holding it up, by opening the American public’s eyes to what was in this bill, I think a lot of people saw that… what… only 23 percent was hard infrastructure? The rest of it was a downpayment on the $3.5 trillion again socialist debt bomb,” the senator elaborated.

“What we have is something that was advertised to be completely paid for. Yet, it ran over a quarter of a trillion dollars short and in the red. A number of my colleagues moved over with me and voted against it. I think as more of this comes out, it’s going to be more and more difficult for anybody, Republican or Democrat, to support these packages,” Hagerty asserted.

In August, the Tennessee conservative released a similar statement slamming the Democrats’ bills:

“To put it simply: it’s more government, more taxes, more spending, more debt, and more inflation on the backs of Tennessee families and workers and their children and grandchildren. Democrats lit the fuse tonight on a socialist debt bomb that will radically reshape our society and economy, reducing opportunity and prosperity and making Americans more dependent on the federal government. The American taxpayer and the American Dream is the biggest loser tonight; Communist China, however, is laughing all the way to the bank.”


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