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Union urges NYC teachers to take photos to ‘document’ students violating COVID restrictions

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The United Federation of Teachers, which represents most teachers in New York City’s public schools, is urging teachers to not only rat out quarantine rule violators — see students — but to take photographs to document the violations.

In furtherance of the pandemic-induced “snitch society” being ushered in by those succumbing to fear, the UFT posted a tweet urging educators to “document issues” regarding the city’s quarantine mandate.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced changes to COVID-19 safety policies last week, overriding the city’s previous policy of requiring unvaccinated students to quarantine for 10 days if someone in their class tested positive. The new policy is consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, which “excludes students who were between 3 to 6 feet of an infected student if both the infected student and the exposed student(s) correctly and consistently wore well-fitting masks the entire time.”

“If you encounter issues in your classroom related to the mayor’s new quarantine guidelines for students, including cases where students are not able to maintain 3 feet of distance, please use this form to document them,” the tweet read.

UFT then linked to an online form where teachers can report violations by uploading information that can include up to five photos. The form also asks the teachers to include their name and personal phone number, as well as their school and its location.

The form states: “Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sept. 20 that students would no longer have to quarantine after a positive COVID case in their classroom as long as they were properly masked and three feet apart. Please use this form to document any issues in your classroom related to these new quarantine guidelines, including situations where students are seated with less than three feet of distance. You may submit photos and/or describe interactions with the DOE’s test and trace investigators.”

A federal appeals court issued a temporary injunction against a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for NYC educators that was set to go into effect next week, sending the case to a three-judge circuit court panel for review, according to Fox News.

While the ruling temporarily blocks enforcement of the mandate, the network reported that New York City schools are facing “a looming staffing crisis.”

Not that this is deterring officials.

“We’re confident our vaccine mandate will continue to be upheld once all the facts have been presented, because that is the level of protection our students and staff deserve,” said NYC Department of Education spokesperson Danielle Filson.

As for the union’s actions, believe it or not, some are complaining that it’s not enough or too little, too late.

More rational folks who see the bigger picture had a different take. Here’s a sampling of some of those responses from Twitter:

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