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Joy Behar says the ‘real victim’ of Bill Clinton scandal wasn’t Monica Lewinsky

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Joy Behar turned heads when revealing who she believed was the ‘real victim’ of the Bill Clinton White House scandal involving then-intern Monica Lewinsky. Behar suggested it was the “United States of America and Hillary Clinton” who suffered the most from the incident involving Bill Clinton allegedly taking advantage of a young intern, telling lies, and later facing impeachment.

During the 59-second clip from The View, Joy Behar resurrected Donald Trump and how he brought Bill Clinton accusers to a debate with Hillary Clinton. Behar suggested that Mrs. Clinton was hurt by Trump’s debate move and that America lost a “great person” in that election.

Despite co-host Sunny Hostin chiming in, reminding the audience that Bill Clinton ‘allegedly abused a lot of women’ – Behar continued swiping against Donald Trump while praising Hillary as a lost potential president.

WATCH Joy Behar make the statement:

Behar appears to discount the existence of Monica Lewinsky who many suggest was the victim of former President Bill Clinton’s abuse of power. Clinton was impeached for perjury, but acquitted by Congress amid lying about the relationship he may or may not have had with Lewinsky.

However, in Joy Behar’s opinion, she believes Hillary Clinton and the United States were the bigger victims of Mr. Clinton’s scandal.

Hillary Clinton once suggested that Bill’s role in the scandal was not an abuse of power, but she met fierce backlash immediately. The BBC reported in 2018 that “many on social media disagree with Mrs Clinton, suggesting instead that her husband’s position as President and Ms Lewinsky’s role as young White House intern define an abuse of power.”

Hillary further supported Bill’s lack of resignation, pointing out that Monica Lewinsky was an adult during the affair.

Lewinsky once said in an op-ed: “I—we—owe a huge debt of gratitude to the #MeToo and Time’s Up heroines. They are speaking volumes against the pernicious conspiracies of silence that have long protected powerful men when it comes to sexual assault, sexual harassment, and abuse of power.”

Dating back to 2018, again, Hillary herself faced criticism in the eyes of the #MeToo movement and lost credibility after defending her adulterous husband, as noted by Alheli Picazo:

Joy Behar seems to discredit Monica Lewinsky by giving power to Hillary Clinton and finding a way to turn the story against former President Donald Trump.

When asked if Behar regrets any previous jokes she said about Bill Clinton’s victim, Monica Lewinsky, Behar said: “I don’t regret any joke I ever did. Because in the moment, it was funny and it was relevant.”

Critics had plenty to say about Behar’s take on the Lewinsky-Clinton affair:


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