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WATCH: Democrat Terry McAuliffe dances like the blow-up man at a used car lot

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Democrat Terry McAuliffe and several associates were dance-stomping for his Virginia gubernatorial run when they started gyrating awkwardly to cringe music.

McAuliffe might have made a case for white people to never dance again after he showcased his moves that can best be described as being worse than the blow-up man people sometimes see waggling uncontrollably like a wet noodle at used car lots. They’re long, wavy, unpredictable, useless, and you wouldn’t want it in your living room – but it’s 2021 and anything is possible in the era of cringe.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden had time to stump for McAuliffe instead of traveling to the southern border to solve the humanitarian issues with his socially distant veep, a border that needs as much help as McAuliffe’s dancing skills.

To make it even better, McAuliffe was also in the news for allegedly buying ‘fake news‘ ads in hopes to gain more support over his opponent, Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin.

Not everyone was built to be a dancer, or governor (a second time), but at least the internet has this video:


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