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WATCH: Lori Lightfoot allegedly booed at fundraiser for union that previously donated big bucks

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Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot was allegedly booed at a fundraiser for the Plumbers Union Local 130, who once donated $58,700 to her 2019 runoff election campaign.

When Lightfoot stepped on stage ahead of speaking to the audience, of approximately 1,000 guests, video caught numerous people booing. There were several people who somewhat disputed the claim that Lightfoot was booed at the event, regardless of said video being posted on social media.

At least one person suggested to Chicago Sun-Times that she was booed “off stage” but the video below does not show that. In fact, the union recording secretary, Pat McCarthy, indicated that Lightfoot finished her statements and returned to her seat. He also claimed that the union supports Lightfoot and “whoever was booing at that event was not a member of this local.”

The union president, Jim Majerowicz, claims he did not hear the boos, but he was also located on a different floor, in another room, counting money for a football pool that was taking place. Majerowicz put supportive words behind Lightfoot, saying she is a “great partner of ours. I just find it hard to believe.”

However, the video might tell a different story.


Of course, Twitter had to get in on the ‘warm Chicago welcome’:


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