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WaPo points out lack of diversity among zookeepers

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The Washington Post, a company with 66.5% of people in leadership roles being white folks, has now used an entire article to offer perspective on the lack of Black zookeepers and the Internet responded in jest.

However, that did not stop the billionaire Jeffrey Bezos-owned leftist publication from running this broken route, as if zoo-keeping was a job people commonly dream of, like toddlers talking about what they’ll do five years from now in kindergarten during circle time.

Despite the fact that many people of all races don’t even know a single zookeeper, WaPo dove down the rabbit hole without an iota of self-awareness.

The Washington Post has a highly white staff and leadership, as stated on their own demographics report. All employment roles were predominantly white and male, with ‘Black or African American’ employees coming in second, ‘Asian’ coming in third, ‘Hispanic or Latino’ in fourth and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander last. It is unclear whether WaPo took a look at their own demographics before deciding to publish their analysis of the racial breakdown of zookeeping.


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