AP fact checkers finally come for Joe Biden

AP fact-checkers finally nailed President Biden for repeating for the fifth time this year on Monday a factually impossible, bizarre, and pointless Amtrak story involving a former […]

NFL exec apologizes for saying words ‘China Virus’ after meaning of ‘racist slur’ is redefined

Houston Texas CEO Cal McNair has apologized for an allegedly gasp-inducing, public comment at a charity function back in the spring. According to Bally Sports, a racially […]

Law firm that employed McAuliffe is fighting case against student who says she was gang-raped at school

Another extremely disturbing allegation that appears to pit grassroots parents and students against public school bureaucrats is rocking the Virginia governor’s election. A law firm with purported […]

WATCH: Democrat Terry McAuliffe dances like the blow-up man at a used car lot

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and several associates were dance-stomping for his Virginia gubernatorial run when they started gyrating awkwardly to cringe music. McAuliffe might have made a case […]

Guy tricks Target employee into paging ‘Lesco Brandon’ on store intercom

  (Video Credit: Smooth Media) A customer at a Target store hilariously tricked a guest services employee into paging “Lesco Brandon,” a play on the viral catchphrase […]

‘You just blew my f—ing eardrums out!’ Rookie gun handler on Baldwin set previously reprimanded by Nicolas Cage

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 24-year-old arr who handled weapons on the “Rust” set, where actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza was […]

‘What the hell?!’ Mom sparks debate over ‘retouching service’ for school pictures that wipes away freckles

It doesn’t take much to get some folks worked up these days, especially when it comes to their children. While there’s plenty to be concerned about in […]

Joy Reid has a proper meltdown over Youngkin surging in Virginia

MSNBC’s Joy Reid continues to push the envelope of her own madness and Trump derangement. On her show, “The ReidOut” the host launched into a litany of […]

TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk answers sobering question: ‘when do we get to use the guns’ on the tyrants

An audience member attending a speech given by noted conservative pundit Charlie Kirk at Boise State University earlier this week asked him when he believes it will […]

WATCH: Lori Lightfoot allegedly booed at fundraiser for union that previously donated big bucks

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot was allegedly booed at a fundraiser for the Plumbers Union Local 130, who once donated $58,700 to her 2019 runoff election campaign. […]

No time for ‘Boneless Wonders’ – DeSantis has scathing message for spineless GOP members

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis didn’t hold back at a Washington, DC Republican dinner where he shredded the media and warned conservatives “we don’t have time for boneless […]

Ex-CNN political analyst slams network: They don’t want ‘intelligent counterarguments’ on air

Former CNN political analyst Eliana Johnson derided the liberal network over its sudden and rapid transmutation during the Trump era, saying they are now “unabashedly left-wing,” and […]

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