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Guy tricks Target employee into paging ‘Lesco Brandon’ on store intercom

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(Video Credit: Smooth Media)

A customer at a Target store hilariously tricked a guest services employee into paging “Lesco Brandon,” a play on the viral catchphrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” that is sweeping the nation mocking President Biden and his administration.

The prank was conducted by Prankazoids who has evidently done this in a number of stores. Most employees didn’t catch on but at least one did and told him “That’s a good prank.”

The phrase “Let’s go Brandon!” went massively viral after NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast disingenuously claimed on camera that the crowd at a NASCAR race was yelling “Let’s go, Brandon!” when they were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” Video footage disproved her claim and the saying took off like a rocket across the nation.

It has become a phenomenon with a life of its own in every aspect of American culture including clothing, music, sports, social media, and politics. But for some bizarre reason, the Biden administration claims that they are “unfamiliar” with the viral message directed at the President.

Here is a compilation of the pranks pulled on various employees who were punked into calling out “Lesco Brandon”

(Video Credit: Prankazoids)

Someone at a Chicago airport also tricked an airline worker into saying the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon!” via the paging system.

The song “Let’s Go, Brandon,” which is performed by Christian rapper Bryson Gray and went to number one on Apple iTunes, has now bumped pop music superstar Adele off the top of the music charts.

YouTube has censored the song, lamely claiming it violates their policies over medical misinformation.

Even more high profile is the fact that the saying has now been used on the House floor in Congress a number of times.

Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) made a statement by wearing a face mask on the House floor Monday that featured the viral message. Leftist media outlets were not amused.

Duncan isn’t the only fan of the phrase in Congress. Florida Rep. Bill Posey ended a speech on the House floor last week with an enthusiastic “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Social media has gone wild over the phrase and memes are never-ending in connection to it. The saying is no longer just heard at football games, it’s everywhere.

And although the Biden administration claims ignorance when it comes to the phrase, the President couldn’t escape the chant when he visited Michigan and was greeted by protesters on the side of the road yelling it at him according to Fox News. There were also many signs that used the phrase as well as “F*** Joe Biden!”

A “Let’s Go Brandon!” billboard has also been spotted showing President Biden eating an ice cream cone.

Donald Trump Jr. has also utilized “Let’s Go Brandon!” on Twitter posting a video showing protesters outside New York’s Department of Education chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

The phrase is still trending and there are sure to be more practical jokes using it.


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