GOP warns climate ‘youth patrols’ buried in Biden agenda, shows what that might look like

The Oversight Committee Republicans signaled a warning about President Joe Biden’s agenda and posted an embarrassing video in hopes of crushing leftist hearts and painting Democrats in […]

VA mom says DHS, helicopter showed up at school board meeting, claims she’s receiving ‘daily threats’

(Video Credit: Fox News) A Fairfax County, Virginia mother of six who has been protesting library bos containing sexually graphic images and text is claiming that federal […]

Former ESPN reporter on leaving over mandate: Now’s the time to ‘stand up and speak out’ before it’s too late

As the controversy over vaccine mandates continues, one high-profile resignation in protest has been making the news: Allison Williams, who is now a former reporter for ESPN. […]

Tech guru stirs hornets’ nest, calls men who take 6 month paternity leave ‘losers’

An apparently pro-masculinity tech entrepreneur has ignited a social media controversy by describing men in leadership positions as “losers” if they take extensive paternity leave. In a […]

Mainstream media cameraman arrested after threatening to put a ‘bullet in’ Matt Gaetz, and his kid too

(Video Credit: Matt Gaetz | Fox News) A California camera operator for CNN, ABC, NBC, and a number of other MSM outlets has been arrested for threatening […]

Tucker introduces ‘Patriot Purge’ series covering Jan 6, and it’s NOT what Dems will want to hear

Fox News host Tucker Carlson promoted a new three-part series for his Fox Nation streaming network show “Tucker Carlson Originals” that he said reveals previously unreported revelations […]

Valerie Bertinelli joins ‘tolerant’ left, rips author who says wife struggles to use appropriate pronouns

Actress Valerie Bertinelli to a Lebanese-Canadian writer and behavioral scientist to task on social media earlier this week after he relayed a story about his wife having […]

Disturbing video shows woman on subway get socked in the face while grown men do nothing

A video has gone viral showing a man viciously punching a woman in the face on a New York City subway after she told him to take […]

Tim Allen reportedly replaced in Buzz Lightyear movie recast and fans smell politics

There is a lot of buzz on social media about whether political ideology led to Disney-subsidiary Pixar replacing Tim Allen as the voice actor in the new […]

Marine who thwarted robbery accepts valor award, and lets his clothes do the talking

U.S. Marine Corps veteran James Kilcer made quite a statement while receiving the Citizens Valor Award on Tuesday, and the best part is that he didn’t have […]

Fed-up dad walks the walk and runs for Loudoun Co. school board: It’s ‘toxic’… ‘we’ve go to do something’

Loudoun County, Virginia, makes the news yet again, this time due to a father attempting to run for the county school board. Michael Rivera called the board […]

Huma Abedin dishes about unwanted kiss from U.S. senator: ‘It didn’t feel’ like an assault

Hillary Clinton’s former long-time aide spe out for the first time Wednesday about a claim she made in a forthcoming bo about an unnamed U.S. senator who […]

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