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Disturbing video shows woman on subway get socked in the face while grown men do nothing

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A video has gone viral showing a man viciously punching a woman in the face on a New York City subway after she told him to take a chill pill while onlookers surrounding her stood there and did absolutely nothing.

A Twitter user named samanthamarika, who describes herself as a black female conservative, posted the video and asked, “Can someone explain to me why there are men standing around watching this happen?”

In a follow-up tweet, she noted, “I just realized the guy standing next to her is her man… LAWDDDDDDDDD.”

According to the alleged attacker’s brother, Quinten Kinard, his name is “Griffin Kinard.” He tweeted, “Unfortunately, this individual is GRIFFIN KINARD, Date of Birth is July 3, 1985. My family and I, don’t condone this disgusting f***ing behavior!”

The video set social media on fire enraging users who saw it. It was originally posted on TikTok but seems to have been blocked there now. Many are calling for action to be taken against the attacker. Many more are wondering why not a single person including the woman’s companion did anything about the assault.

The clip shows the attacker arguing with the unnamed woman on the subway.

“This man was already tight off life when he came in the cart telling ppl to gtfo him and his kids way,” the caption for the video reads.

It went on to state, “All she said was he needs a chill pill & his kids repeated it to him and it was just up from there.”

The video starts off with the man yelling at the woman, “Say it to my face now. Tell me to take a chill pill. Say the word ‘chill pill.'”

As the woman defiantly told the man to calm down and complied by telling him to take a chill pill, he called her a racist and punched her in the face rocking her head. He then told her to stay out of his business. Approximately a dozen cowardly men stood in that subway car and did nothing when the man punched the woman.

“Mind your business!” the man tells the woman repeatedly as he continues to verbally attack her. “It ain’t about being a role model if I get my f***ing respect from people like you.” He rants on about being a “f***ing suspect” to the passengers watching. “When my family is on the train, move out the way,” he ordered.

The TikToker who posted the video goes by TizzyEnt and shared a screenshot of Griffin’s alleged Facebook account. He evidently describes himself as a “Poet, loner, fighter, father, family man.” in his bio. Griffin reportedly lives in Brooklyn, New York.

One enraged Twitter user said in a now-deleted tweet, “You are one pitiful soul hitting a little petite woman. I hope the streets show you what’s up.”

Another stated, “If it is you, shame on you. I hope you get what you deserve.”

“You deserve to be in prison and you do not deserve to parent those two sweet babies. They deserve better,” declared another user.

No complaint has been reportedly filed against the attacker.

The incident brings to mind a recent incident in Philadelphia where numerous people watched as a man raped a woman for 40 minutes on a train and did nothing to help her.

Netizens are outraged at the man’s actions and want him held responsible for them:


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