Just asking for taxpayers: MTG asks if Pelosi removed $200 million Presidio Park money from budget

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene sparked a flurry of comments after asking Twitter followers a single question involving Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Greene said in her claim against Pelosi, “Does anyone know if @SpeakerPelosi took out of the budget the $200,000,000 earmark for her lavish Prisidio [Presidio] Park in her district that sits on the San Fran Bay? It has $403 Million in the (Trust) slush fund that her donors oversee as board members. Just asking for taxpayers.”

Unless removed, the $200,000,000, mentioned by Greene, could still be part of the budget reconciliation bill. House Republicans tried to block this, calling it a ‘Pelosi Payoff‘ – but kept finding themselves defeated by the Democrat majority. The $3.5 trillion plan was passed in September, with a House Budget Committee vote of 20-17, sending it to the House next.

Not long after, the $3.5 trillion budget resolution was passed and a $1 trillion bipartisanship infrastructure bill was passed. It was a 220-212 party-line vote, as reported. This, unfortunately, permits Democrats to push through a spending package without the Republicans, and further the Biden agenda to the House where it could become a reality.

However, the answer to Rep. Greene’s question about the allotted Presidio Park funds remains unclear. It’s also uncertain how big their trust fund is, but this document from 2020 could lead to some answers.

Earlier this year, BPR reported on the “pork” stuffing Pelosi was having catered in her bill.

Several Republicans spoke out against Pelosi in relation to the proposed $200 million.

Meanwhile, at the Presidio Landmark in the Presidio:

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, was deeply displeased that Americans are being treated like “Pelosi’s personal piggy bank.”

But not everyone was opposed to the allocation of funds. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) actually said Pelosi deserved it because she works so hard to ‘keep this place going.’ He admitted that this “work” entitles her to “a little bit more.”

“Speaker Pelosi gets maybe a little bit more, and some of the leaders get a little bit more on some of these bills,” he admitted.

“If it weren’t for her working 24/7, and she does, to keep this place going, we wouldn’t be going. She does more for America than any other member, I would submit in this Congress, times 10. So I support the proposal,” Cohen submitted.

To make matters worse, San Francisco has been dubbed the shoplifter’s paradise as theft under a certain amount faces decriminalization.


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