Biden aides ‘tapped out’, officials head for revolving door in major WH shake up: ‘It doesn’t look good’

It seems like everyone is heading for the revolving door at the White House these days, with a number of top officials elbowing each other on the […]

Unreal! Biden admin’s reported plan to offset gas costs stymied by another self-created crisis

In a desperate attempt to placate voters frustrated by soaring gas prices, the White House has reportedly looked again at a discarded plan for the government to […]

Dinner guests, staff at NYC restaurant surprised when Shaquille O’Neal slaps down big bucks to pay for the house!

NBA legend and TNT basketball analyst Shaquille O’Neal wowed employees and customers alike when he paid the tab for every diner at an upscale New York City […]

‘I’m embarrassed for you’: Rainn Wilson grovels to the left after ‘crack’ about breastfeeding vs ‘chestfeeding’

Actor Rainn Wilson could not genuflect and apologize fast enough to the trans community after tweeting “a mean crack about breastfeeding vs chestfeeding” on Thursday. The offending […]

Charles Payne torches Biden for ‘deliberately’ crashing economy, wrecking ‘the lives of average Americans’

(Video: Fox News) Fox Business host Charles Payne accused President Biden of “deliberately” destroying the nation’s economy and waging war against American businesses in order to “fundamentally […]

Gavin Newsom brags about joining ‘Truth Social’ to troll GOP, gets brutal reality check in return

California Governor Gavin Newsom took to Twitter to brag about joining former President Donald Trump’s social media site, Truth Social, to rip “Republican lies.” That didn’t exactly […]

SpaceX employees who solicited signatures for ‘open letter’ ripping Musk get the boot, with no apologies

SpaceX has reportedly fired a number of employees for “overreaching activism” who criticized Elon Musk for allegedly inappropriate behavior and for his “No A**hole” policy. The letter […]

Cali professor says Juneteenth should be ‘reparations day’ for white folks, tells them to skip festivities

If you’re white, and you were planning on attending a federally-mandated “Juneteenth” BBQ cookout this weekend…well, you can forget it, because you’re not welcome. At least that’s […]

AMA calls abortion bans a ‘violation of human rights’, vows to ‘seek legal protections’ ahead of SCOTUS decision

In thinking it can supersede the Supreme Court and wrestle power away from states, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared in a press release Tuesday that abortion […]

‘Please forgive me if I’m intruding’: CNN features letter from Prince William that perpetuates debunked Jan 6 lie

(Video: CNN) As if the circus surrounding Jan. 6 hasn’t already reached hair-pulling levels, a letter from Prince William to Sandra Garza, the girlfriend of Officer Brian […]

Kilmeade shreds George Washington Univ for dropping ‘Colonials’: How long before George Washington goes?

(Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News host Brian Kilmeade ripped into George Washington University for its “political correctness” gone amok, announcing it will nix its iconic nickname, […]

‘Very Catholic’ Pelosi complains it’s ‘uniquely American’ to politicize abortion after communion ban

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been very outspoken in her pro-abortion beliefs, so when San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone banned the liberal Democrat from receiving the Holy […]

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