SG Ana Navarro2
Delete! Blinded by hate, CNN’s Ana Navarro blows it big time trying to burn Trump


Dershowitz delivers Berkeley an ultimatum: Change your anti-free speech ways or face a lawsuit

“They’re a pubic university …. We are going to win this.”

NSA leaker was seriously ticked employer played Fox News, then hid classified docs in her pantyhose

“For God’s sake, put Al Jazeera on…”

jim acosta unhinged slams white house presser for taking conservative question
CNN’s Acosta buried in mockery for conducting ‘one of the bravest fact checks of our time’

How embarrassing.

Fact Check: Does the tax code really cost ‘many hours’ and ‘billions and billions of dollars’?


SG shark bite3
‘Stab him!’ Gruesome scene as friends STRUGGLE to pry tenacious shark from man’s stomach

“I felt the shark biting and trying to tear me open.”

Fledgling GOP candidate relays experience killing terrorists in bid for support – and he’s getting it!

“I’m running for U.S. Senate as THE conservative outsider and I want YOU as my co-pilot.”

‘Control your dog!’ Backlash over Chris Cuomo’s ‘implausible interpretation’ of Trump’s NFL remarks

“Did he really say dogs or is that your sick interpretation?”

Getty Lebron James
Grade F! LeBron James’ mangled statement on ‘uneducated’ Trump voters gets the work over it deserves

“LeBron, please see me after class.”

Brutal: Here’s why folks believe ‘The Views’ new ‘token conservative’ host will be a perfect fit

“They will eat her alive …”

SG hillary clinton benghazi laughing
Benghazi hero destroys Hillary over her sudden ‘sense of urgency’ for Americans in Puerto Rico

How does she sleep at night?

Cops shut down conservative students’ free speech activity, say BEACH BALL too ‘scary’ for snowflakes

We’re doomed.

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