Steven Crowder infiltrates Antifa in AWESOME undercover sting video

“The fact that the media has never reported on any of this begs the question: are they complicit in all of this,” Crowder asked in conclusion, “or do they just suck at their jobs?”

Grandpa George cuddles tiny Bush sweeties, Jenna shares precious pics of bedtime visit with girls

Hopefully, someone warned him not to choose Dr. Seuss books. They are terribly racists, in case you missed the memo:

Feds slap tree company with $95 million penalty for hiring illegal aliens

“Today’s judgment sends a strong, clear message to employers who scheme to hire and retain a workforce of illegal immigrants: we will find you and hold you accountable,”

S.E. cupp michelle obama
S.E. Cupp rips Michelle Obama ‘With all due respect … that’s disgusting!’

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Screeching lib steals MAGA hat from student, DEMANDS officials punish victim for wearing it

“Are you people not going to do anything? She is stealing my property,”

Dr. Seuss is ‘racist propaganda’! School librarian refuses FLOTUS’ generous book donation

Dr. Seuss really? This librarian should be have a mental evaluation. Who is she to censor?

Administration gets search warrants demanding info on anti-Trump Facebook users; ACLU files suit

“The warrants make no provision for avoiding or minimizing invasions …”

7 restaurants join ex-Marine owner in NFL boycott, DirecTV refuses to refund $6,000 for game package

NFL Deathwatch is on, baby! And the clock is counting down fast. A growing number of businesses are boycotting the National Football League until players stop disrespecting […]

rush limbaugh sean hannity nfl
Rush on Hannity: Libs PURPOSELY destroyed the NFL because it’s too masculine for the ‘wusses’

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said today’s radical left is trying to hijack the National Football League with its inappropriate protesting and nonstop grievance-mongering. Limbaugh made the comments […]

Packers and Bears ended the KNEELING last night, but Patriotic Americans are not stupid!

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears attempted to toe the line between patriotic Americans and social justice warriors on Thursday. Both teams did stand for the […]

Aaron Rodgers gives away game tickets to Green Bay police, but his actions during anthem still anger fans

“Then stop supporting Krapernick’s cop hating agenda!”

Nowhere to hide! Nearly 500 illegal immigrants nabbed in new sanctuary city ICE raids

ICE arrests over 450 on federal immigration charges during Operation ‘Safe City’ …