S.E. Cupp rips Michelle Obama ‘With all due respect … that’s disgusting!’

HLN host S.E. Cupp blasted former First Lady Michelle Obama for criticizing women who voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

Cupp, an anti-Trump Republican who was previously a CNN political commentator, said Obama’s condescending remarks and insufferable identity politics are “disgusting.”

Michelle had trashed female Trump voters by saying that “any woman who voted against Hillary voted against their own voice.”

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S.E. Cupp said it’s ‘disgusting’ that Michelle Obama has such disdain for women who didn’t vote for Crooked Hillary Clinton. (Images: screengrabs)

“With all due respect to Mrs. Obama, that’s disgusting,” Cupp said. “This is condescending gender imperialism that decrees that just because I’m a woman, I’m obligated to vote for your corrupt, dishonest, morally-bereft, out of touch, and totally unaccountable candidate.”

Cupp said Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate who was “bad for women.” S.E. did not vote for Trump, but said the leftist hatred of conservative women is sexist and hypocritical.

“There were countless good reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton,” she said. “And you know what? Plenty of Democrats agreed.”

Cupp said liberals today embrace the bastardized version of “feminism,” where “choice is great, so long as you make our choice.” The whole point of true feminism is respecting women’s choices, not bullying them into doing what you want. Cupp explained:

From Madeleine Albright to Gloria Steinem and Hillary herself, we hear the same argument over and over again that Republican women aren’t the ‘right’ kind of woman, that we’re traitors to our gender and somehow don’t count as women.

Of course, it doesn’t occur to them that women don’t vote with their uteruses alone. From taxes to national security, we’re concerned with a whole host of issues, but if you listen to these broads, we’re just unable to find our ‘real voices,’ you know, the one that sounds more like theirs.”

Meanwhile, here’s a fun throwback video of Michelle Obama:

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Twitter also clapped back at the former first lady, saying she and Hillary need to take their tired identity politics and trot off into the sunset. Bye, Felicia!

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