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NFL player’s wife says Titans tricked her husband into sitting out the national anthem

Eric Decker effectively endorsed his wife’s claim when he responded to her comment, saying: “Preach baby.”

CNN vs. Russia: The battle we’ve all been waiting for

Reuters reported …

Which lawmaker just told a bizarre story about that time he accidentally climbed into bed with his in-laws?

I proceeded to crawl into bed with my mother- and father-in-law, between them …

‘Will & Grace’ re-boot angers conservatives, but will it backfire bigly?

“Yeah, cause its to bash Trump but not Obama!!!! WRONG!!! Bring back Last Man Standing”

School threatens to punish students if they kneel during the national anthem; guess who’s not happy?

“It is a choice for students to participate in extracurricular activities, not a right …”

‘Tell the truth, media!’ San Juan mayor feuding with Trump is under fire for gushing over convicted terrorist killer

Isn’t always the case with Socialists to praise violence and killing of women and children in the name of the Cause.

Tucker digs in to ‘Seuss-Gate’: Michelle Obama caught red-handed peddling ‘racist’ literature to kids

Dr. Seuss when Michelle Obama read it to children but now has racist undertones when our First Lady donates bos? Unreal.

Yikes! Celebs embarrass themselves with awkward teen pics after donor offers to pony up for Puerto Rico

Celebrities are getting awkward for a cause. Putting their fame to good use, many are answering the call from late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert to […]

CNN meltdown won’t change the facts: ‘No matter how much you want this to be about race …’


Legend Jackie Mason slams kneelers: ‘The more money they make, the more they hate this country’

“How do you suffer with $3 million in each ?”

CNN Panelist: Wanting to separate race from sports is ‘supremacy in itself’

Wait until you hear this argument…

Where was CNN on this story? President Trump delays flight to talk to black officer injured in his motorcade

Where was CNN on this story?

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