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‘Will & Grace’ re-boot angers conservatives, but will it backfire bigly?

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NBC’s resurrected “Will & Grace” drew in over 10 million viewers but ended up alienating many with its anti-Trump theme.

The revival of the comedy show, which has been off the air for a decade, seemed more like a 30-minute snark-filled President Trump bash fest. And conservative viewers have taken notice.

The sitcom’s characters, Karen (Megan Mullally), Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing) and Jack (Sean Hayes) all end up at the White House as Messing’s character landed a job redecorating the Oval Office. The show took jabs at the Trump family and moved the story along with lines that appeared to be ripped straight out of headlines.

Mediaite’s Joseph A. Wulfsohn lamented that Hollywood had “slaughtered a once great sitcom.”

“It was as if the writers were so desperate to make every single line politically or culturally relevant from jabs at Newt Gingrich, Caitlyn Jenner, Melania Trump, Ronald Reagan, Kellyanne Conway, Trump supporters, and of course the president to making references to things like Grindr, the pussyhats worn at the Women’s March, and the terms ‘woke’ and ‘fake news,'” he wrote.

Viewers were told Trump “has been pouting that his office is a real dump,” First Lady Melania Trump is referred to as a “hostage,” and the president’s MAGA hat is spoofed with a new “Make America Gay Again” logo.

“I’m sure the Will & Grace fans who hate Trump as much as the show’s creators and cast enjoyed the episode, but what they don’t realize is that not all of their fans hate Trump. In fact, many voted for him,” Wulfsohn wrote. “What Hollywood still doesn’t understand is that it was that condescension that was expressed by the liberal elites that motivated people to vote for Trump. And it seems to me that they’re doubling down on their failed strategy, which won’t be good for them come 2020.”

People magazine actually documented the insults in a piece about “all the times Will & Grace slammed President Trump.” And this is apparently cheered on by the left and Hollywood liberals while shows like Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” are removed from the air.

“Hollywood still hasn’t realized that shows like this do nothing but help Donald Trump,” the Media Research Center’s Amelia Hamilton wrote. “When will Hollywood learn that they’re basically running his reelection campaign by doing this?”

She called out the embarrassing story line as “a lazy way to take shots at the president for the entire length of the show.”

Wolfsohn slammed the Hollywood crowd that just “wants to cater to Clinton voters and alienate Trump voters.”

“There used to be a time when politics stayed in politics and didn’t taint every other aspect of our lives. From Hollywood to our favorite sports, we simply can’t escape the left’s constant emotional freakout from the results of the 2016 election,” he wrote.

The hosts of Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered” discussed the show’s “Obsession” with bashing the president.

Fox News’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and entertainment contributor Michael Tammero believes viewership for the show may well suffer the consequences of its overt political stance.

“I expected some anti-Republican, anti-Trump lines, but I did not expect every single line to be some sort of jab,” he said, according to Fox News. “I think it will probably hurt the show,” he added. “In Hollywood, we’re seeing a lot of people center-right are turning off and tuning out.”

Plenty of others were also planning to tune out as they expressed outrage and offense at the show on Twitter.

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